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Goodreads Synopsis:

Amanda Ross is an average twelve year old Canadian girl. So what is she doing thousands of kilometres from home in the United Arab Emirates? It’s her own fault really, she wished for adventure and travel when she blew out those candles on her last birthday cake. Little did she know that a whole different world awaited her on the other side of the globe, one full of intrigue, mystery and folklore. A world with a beautiful princess, a dangerous desert and wonderful friends. Join Amanda on her first adventure as she discovers the secrets behind The Perfume Flask.

My review

Such a cute middle grade book about Amanda venturing to the United Arab Emirates. It is educational too, various aspects of living in the desert and the culture and customs of the people are explained in an interesting way throughout the book. It is descriptive, fun, and amusing too. I particularly loved the sections with camels and how the author explained different types of camels and how wonderful the camel is especially in a sand storm!

What a great way to educate youngsters about the diversity of cultures in this world.

It transported me away for a while, and made me smile, which I’m grateful for particularly at the moment when we can’t go anywhere.

Four stars from me.

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  1. Thank you so much!! I am delighted that you enjoyed Amanda’s first adventure and that it made you smile. Amanda and I thank you for the great review.

  2. This sounds like a great series, I will check it out. I think learning about other places and their culture is important in this ever shrinking world.

    1. It is an amazing part of the world. I was so lucky to be able to visit there and like Marje’s father, I fell in love with the desert. I just had to write about it.

  3. Congratulations, Darlene, on this wonderful review for Amanda in Arabia. The perfect way for any young person to learn about other countries. Toni x

  4. Lovely review, Marje. I’ve only read one Amanda book so far, but that a few others in my sights, especially as I prepare for some travels! I’m relying on Amanda for some guidance. Thanks for the view!

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