A bit of fun for poet’s choice. What could this duck be contemplating?

Will I or won’t I?

My reflection says do it.

I dive in and go!

Playful day on the river 

Looking for some new duck friends 


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12 thoughts on “#TANKA TUESDAY #POETRY CHALLENGE NO. 224, #POET’SCHOICE @ColleenChesebro

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  1. This was fun, Marje. We all need that playful day, and the duck reminds us of that.

  2. While I haven’t seen any ducklings yet, I’ve seen the first brood of three goslings!!
    I do have a couple of different types of ducks that come to the creek – mostly Mallards.
    But some are all white (tan) and others all black. The black one has a white bow tie mark at his neck – I call him a Tux Duck! 😀

  3. That’s cute, Marje. We have a couple of ducks that live on the pond down the street from us. They are fun to watch. And, yes… they actually go walking on the sidewalks. LOL! <3

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