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Tree Fairies and Their Short Stories by D.L. Finn

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Daniel and Colette are holidaying in the redwood forest when they discover some real fairies! This is a sweet, magical tale with an important message to impart about how important it is for us to look after our world, recycle, nurture and not be greedy like poachers (and other uncaring people,) who have no respect for nature, or the damage they can do to the natural world by their carelessness.

There are lovely descriptive passages as well as engaging dialogues of the fairies, wise talking trees, and dragonfly. And an amusing section with a kingfisher!

I particularly loved the parts with the trees (and dragonfly,) as I love redwood trees and dragonflies! Redwoods are such spectacular trees and have a special magical quality.

This is a lovely short tale with a considerable amount to say in a short magical narrative.

And there is also a lovely poem – The Little Fairies – at the beginning which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Highly recommended.

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  1. Thank you, Marje 🙂 What a wonderful surprise. I’m so happy you enjoyed meeting the faires ! Sending hugs!

  2. What a wonderful review for such a sweet story! I loved the fairies and how they interacted with the humans to achieve a common goal. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Marje, and congrats to Denise!

  3. I loved the book. It was gentle on the heart and opened me to the world of fairies, real or not, they are beautiful. Congratulations, Denise and thank you Marge.

  4. This is such a whimsical book. I really enjoyed it too, and couldn’t agree more with your 5 star review. Cheers to Denise for writing such an entertaining book!

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