Algarvean Adventures – 1 #Portugal #Tavira #travels #Algarve

As some of you already know I had an adventure in Portugal beginning in October and lasting until the middle of December.

I’m now back in the UK and boy was that complicated what with pre-flight testing requirements and the like. Thanks to hubby for being great at doing it all.

I’ve taken the plunge and resigned from my job! Difficult to disappear for several months without doing so. Might have been easier if, cough cough I was still working from home. Lol.

My new home from home in October, November (and… just short of two weeks in December,) was the sun drenched Algarve – in a beautiful lesser known but up and coming Algarvean town – Tavira and what a stunning spot it is.

Three bridges cross the centre of Tavira with pubs and restaurants in ample supply. There is nothing more relaxing than drinking a glass of wine and admiring this stunning view! It really helps to soothe those ever present covid anxieties.

I began my stay in a typical Portuguese flat in the quaint centre of the town with hubby. Busy, quite noisy, (lol,) interesting, and great for nipping out to all the local amenities, bars, shops and… not too far from the train station and the all important library!

Here are some panoramic views of Tavira from the Maria Nova roof top hotel, where you can (covid permitting,) sample the drinks, music and bar snacks.

Early on my hubby and I went to Tavira beach via the Tavira Island ferry. How quaint is that?

I’ll be sharing more photos and news in my next instalment of my Algarvean adventure! Before I go, let’s take a trip to the beach!

You can reach the beach either by catching the ferry in the central town area, or by walking to the marina to catch it there – which we did. It was well worth the long walk.

On Friday before our departure we realised that no local places were open Saturday afternoon to do flight covid tests. EEK. A scramble to find anywhere. We managed thanks to my resourceful hubby and were fit to fly!

Best much love, I can’t quite believe my good fortune! I just hope covid fxxxx off so we can have total freedom of movement again.

I took the Christmas lights photo which heads this blog on my last night in Tavira, so pretty.

Hope your Christmas preparations are going well. Bye for now,

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    1. Hi Debby, yes we are renting for now and plan to move more stuff out in Spring. Its been fantastic, I”m missing the sunshine and the beautiful beaches. The weather was fabulous at this time of year, though colder in the evening. xx

      1. We were right in the city to begin with Debby but have moved out as too noisy. Now staying a short walk from the shopping centre and a little further to the town! So a little more exercise will do me good.

      1. I can only imagine, Marje. You’ll get there. I know when I moved to England in the Air Force for 3 years, it was life changing. Here’s wishing you a wonderful Christmas with your girls. <3

      2. Thank you Colleen Natasha arrives Saturday, she’s a teacher.and her holidays have begun can’t wait to see her. Unfortunately Gina is working up to Christmas eve but has ten days off. She finally got her dream job in Merchandising for outdoors brands.

      3. I hope he’s feel better soon. It took me five days. Of course, those were the days I had to pack up and lug my first floor downstairs. If I could have rested, I think I would have felt better. <3

  1. You look so happy in the photos, Marje. I had no idea you were even thinking of moving to Portugal. It certainly looks a lovely spot that you have chosen. Are you defiantly making the move, or still thinking about it all?

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