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For this week’s #TankaTuesday challenge, Yvette M. Calleiro, selected the theme of beginnings and endings, the war in Ukraine came to mind.

We are still suffering living with covid and now this…

We all long for peace.
No more death and destruction.
It beggars belief.
Covid, now this; please no more. 
Ukraine is on all our minds.

green field under white and blue clouds during daytime
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Why begin such pain?
I can't comprehend your mind
Neighbours shouldn't war
A simple plea but heartfelt
Please no more war in Ukraine.

A haiku - No One Wins

No one wins in war
Past history tells us this 
Why ignore the truth?

If only we could all… live in peace.

Join in writing poetry via Colleen: https://wordcraftpoetry.com/2022/04/26/tankatuesday-weekly-poetry-challenge-no-271-4-26-22-themeprompt/

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Bye for now, while I have a chat with Mr. Seagull about life and everything.

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25 thoughts on “Tanka Tuesday #poetry #challenge #tanka #haiku @ColleenChesebro #theme #prompt #war #ukraine

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  1. Our hopes of peace and tranquility are so firmly in your words, Marje. I hope it comes to pass in our future.

  2. It is extremely unfortunate that humans have a ‘greedy’ gene. Is is survival of the fittest or just that some humans want not only more, but whatever it is that their neighbors have.

    May those not directly involved in (any) horror give hope and resources to those in need.

    I just read a story this morning about two girls (mostly one sister) trying to find a stranger who gave them some money when they were escaping a different war about twenty years ago, and how they a) live in freedom today and b) continue to try and ‘pay it forward’.

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