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This dark suspense series is set in Portsmouth, Hampshire, and features British journalist Maggie Turner.

Seventeen years ago he lost his sisters. Now he wants them back.

Four years ago, two teenage girls were abducted. Four years ago, a ten-year-old boy was murdered. Both cases remain unsolved.

Desperate to find their missing sisters, Michael and Chloe ask investigative journalist Maggie Turner to help them. And what starts as a simple investigation soon turns into a frantic race against time.

The kidnapper took the girls to replace his sisters. Who died seventeen years earlier.

Forced to face traumatic events from the past, Maggie finds herself in the middle of a nightmare that can only get worse…

Tense, fast paced, and gritty, The Lost Girls is the first novel in the Maggie Turner series.

My Review:

I originally read this novel in 2021 and it has now been republished. The author kindly gave me an ARC copy of the updated version which I re-read. What a fabulous read!

I am impressed. A confident, engaging psychological thriller that kept me turning the pages wanting to discover what happens next.

The strengths of the story lie in its excellent characters: particularly Maggie the investigative journalist who seeks to discover who abducted the two young girls.

In The Lost Girls a deranged person abducts two young girls. As the story progresses I became more aware that this thriller should be praised for its handling of mental health issues with regard to the abductor, and his two young victims. It’s superb in that respect.

This is the first in this series. The ending was emotionally charged, making me keen to read more. So, I couldn’t wait to start the second book, Right Beside You!

This novel is for you if you enjoy psychological thrillers with a dark, disturbing edge to them. Please be aware that there are distressing themes in this novel: abduction, sexual assault of a minor, and scenes of violence. These are written in such a way as not be too graphic, or prolonged. So, considerable praise to the author for handling these difficult passages in such a sensitive way.

An excellent psychological thriller: highly recommended.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Author Bio:

Helen Pryke is a British author who has been living in the north of Italy for almost 30 years, learning everything about Italians, their culture, and their way of life. She now considers herself more Italian than British, even though she has never lost her British accent. Addicted to coffee and chocolate, she has also developed a passion for good food, having married an Italian who is a wonderful cook!

As well as writing suspense novels, Helen also writes emotional women’s fiction set in Italy that deals with the difficult subject of abuse in a sensitive way.

She also writes middle grade fiction under the pen name, Julia E. Clements. You can find her books here:

When she’s not writing, she works as a proofreader for indie authors and a translator (from Italian to English). She loves reading, and will read anything and everything.

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  1. This sounds like an interesting premise and intense read, Marje. I’m glad the author handled the distressing part of the book carefully. Thanks for the wonderful review!

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