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“This one’s a nail biter.” Vine Voice reviewer.
One tablet a day, it’s supposed to keep you alive. But it might just kill you.
TC is the wonder drug. Manufactured in secrecy, on a remote planet at the edge of the galaxy. It makes worlds inhabitable; and Balcom Industrial lots of money. Suddenly, the people who need to take it to stay alive start to die!

For Layla Balcom, the news is devastating. She’s just resumed her rightful place as head of Balcom. This problem threatens to spoil her moment of triumph. Can the drug be flawed? Or is something else going on?

The answer needs to be found, quickly.

Whether Layla or Balcom will survive is not guaranteed.

“One of those books that you can’t put down until finished.”

“Fascinating lead character and intricately plotted”

Phew busy o’ time… time for a quick review before my book launch tomorrow. This is for a favourite author of mine Richard Dee. If you haven’t read any of Richard’s work you are missing out!

Jungle Green by Richard Dee

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed the continuation of The Balcom Dynasty. This is book 2 following on from the first book in the series, Ribbonworld which I read and enjoyed too.

Jungle Green has much to recommend it with its mystery, sci fi appeal, planets and also a drug theme – the wonder drug TC for swamp fever and its counterfeit, in this second book… creating opportunities for nasty thugs to get onboard and cause threat, fear and some serious issues.

I thought the concept for this story was brilliant, imaginative, and alarming too!

The pace is a little slow to begin with but really hots up as the story continues. It’s well plotted and the characters and descriptions are fab. I particularly enjoyed Miles Goram, Layla Balcom, and Marissa, and how Layla encouraged Marissa to carry on and be brave, (won’t say anymore for fear of spoilers.)

I listened to this tale on audiobook. The narration from Stephen Bungay was good. He had quite a host of voices to narrate and overall he did a great job.

Highly recommended for sci fi, mystery, organised crime with drug theme, readers,

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