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The county town of Warwick is famous for its magnificent castle rising above the River Avon but there is much more to this historic town. Although many medieval houses were destroyed by the Great Fire of 1694, buildings from an earlier age can still be found, including its oldest hostelry, The Roebuck, and Lord Leycester Hospital. Local historic characters include Warwick the Kingmaker, world champion boxer Randolph Turpin and socialite and campaigner Daisy, Countess of Warwick, as well as the ichthyosaur in the Market Hall Museum, and the town’s many events include a Victorian evening and annual folk festival.A–Z of Warwick reveals the history behind the town, its streets and buildings, businesses and the people connected with it. Alongside the famous historical connections are unusual characters, tucked-away places and unique events that are less well known. Fully illustrated throughout, this book will appeal to all those with an interest in this historic Warwickshire town.

My review

Thank you to the author S C Skillman and her publisher for sending me an ARC of A- Z of Warwick.

This alphabetical compendium of Warwick is beautifully illustrated with photographs and each alphabetical letter details a topic and begins with a appropriate quote from literature. Letter A Actors at Playbox Theatre begins with a quote from Midsummer night’s Dream.

I was interested to learn that this theatre is the ‘UK’s first purpose-built and designed theatre for young people.’

Thereafter there continues, details on Mediaeval Bridges, Gardens, Period properties: the County Mental Hospital, Historic court house, Dungeon at The County Gaol, East Gate, Eagles at Warwich Castle, Folk Festival…, the Great Fire of Warwick, etc, and the people of Warwick.

I particularly enjoyed the sections on gardens, (Hill Close Gardens, Master’s Garden, Mill Garden,) wildlife haven of Kingfisher Pool, Fossils, (200 million year old Ichthyosaur, and Oisin, the Irish Giant Deer,) Incarcerations: Thomas Beauchamp ‘was fighting in the war in France; his exploits there earned him the nickname ‘the devil Warwick,’ the statue and detail about Randolph Turpin ‘commemorating Britain’s first black world champion professional boxer,’ Warwick a Singing Town and the detail about the Playbox Theatre.

There are many historical details about Warwick people and its history, so highly recommended for history buffs.

There is much to be gained from reading and enjoying A – Z of Warwick for people who both live in Warwick and for those outside the area who would like to discover more about it. The author S C Skillman must have done a huge amount of research to create this excellent and interesting resource.

Author Bio

S. C. Skillman is a writer of psychological, paranormal and mystery fiction, who has lived in Warwickshire for over twenty years. She has also an interest in the local history of her area and the neighbouring counties.

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  1. Thanks Marje. I am ever/always interested in the histories of villages/towns/countries. So much to digest, even if one can only recall a small portion, and sometimes inspiring…I’m in the middle of reading ‘ I Never Knew that about England’ by Christopher Winn. Another fascinating book. Cheers. Joy Lennick


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