Flash Fiction Prompt for Hurricane Relief #Flash4Storms #SundayBlogShare



Here’s how you join in on Sarah Brentyn’s #Flash4 Storms #LemonSharkCharity.

1. Write a piece of flash fiction in 50 words or less with the theme: Help
(This can be any sort of assistance, support, encouragement, or a story of someone or something that needs help. You do not need to use the prompt word. Be creative! It can be 50 words, 15 words…even a six-word story. Anything goes provided it is prose up to 50 words. It doesn’t have to be sunshine and rainbows but keep it PG and friendly.)
2. Add a new post on your blog with your flash fiction and the hashtag #Flash4Storms in the title
3. Link to this post: https://sarahbrentyn.wordpress.com/2017/10/01/flash-fiction-prompt-for-hurricane-relief-flash4storms/
4. Leave a comment  on the above ink to your post so Sarah knows you’ve participated
5. Help spread the word on social media with the hashtags:

Sarah Brentyn  will donate $1 to hurricane relief for every flash that is posted (up to $50).


This is my flash fiction story for #Flash4Storms #LemonSharkCharity.

H is for Hurricane

H is for Hurricane. I knew it was coming. E is for Evacuation. I should have, but didn’t. C is for crying. Terrified, I had made the worst decision. R is relief, my family survived. D is for dog. A glimmer of hope. M is for Me, alive and thankful.

I wish this could be the outcome for all those in the path of hurricanes but sadly this is not the case… I know  bloggers like Marcia Meara were caught up in the effects of hurricanes. In her case Irma pounded her poor house and she was terrified at what might happen. Luckily, the damage though extensive didn’t include any loss of life. Life is indeed precious, our possessions can be replaced, our loved ones can’t.
Here’s Marcia’s latest blog post about the damage to her garage and cars which gives you some indication of the aftermath and destruction caused by  hurricanes: https://marciamearawrites.com/2017/10/06/one-giant-step-for-vankind-hurricaneirma/


Fifty words, that’s all we could write. I hope I managed to capture a sense of uncertainty, fear and hope in my short paragraph of flash fiction.

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