The Curse of Time: #Free #Kindle #Promo

The Curse of Time is still on free Amazon kindle promo today and tomorrow, so grab your free copy while you can!

My Book:

Thank you so much to all those who have downloaded.

I’ve created a couple of graphics to celebrate! Yesterday, James Cudney featured me on his Book Alert. He shared an excerpt, lots of visuals and two reviews, one from himself and one from Kevin Cooper.

The link to the Book Alert:

Here’s the first review graphic I created with canva:

Thank you to Kevin Cooper for his review. You can read the full review here:

Thank you to James Cudney, Vashti Vega, Carolina Russo for both sharing promos for the Curse of Time to their stories on my behalf:

Carolina Russo is starting World Watercolour month today 1st July:

To inspire you these are the beautiful illustrations she created for The Curse of Time:

News: I’ve been featured on Literary Lightbox with my piece on Inspiration featuring my poetry, prose and photography collection Mr. Sagittarius.

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Book Alert: The Curse of Time by MJ Mallon – This Is My Truth Now

Source: Book Alert: The Curse of Time by MJ Mallon – This Is My Truth Now

Thank you to James Cudney for this beautifully present book alert for my YA Fantasy: The Curse of Time which is currently on #free #kindle #promo offer from today 30th June for three days!

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The Curse of Time YA Fantasy: #Free #Kindle #Promo #Offer #Coming #Soon – 3 days from 30th June!!!

I’m pleased to announce that my YA Fantasy The Curse of Time #1 Bloodstone will be on free kindle promotion for three days from 30th June!!!

Fifteen-year-old Amelina Scott lives in Cambridge with her dysfunctional family, a mysterious black cat, and an unusual girl who’s imprisoned within the mirrors located in her house. When an unexpected message arrives inviting her to visit the Crystal Cottage, she sets off on a forbidden pathway where she encounters Ryder, a charismatic, but perplexing stranger. With the help of a magical paint set, and some crystal wizard stones she discovers the truth about a shocking curse that has destroyed her family’s happiness.

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Photography Credit: Dr John C Taylor, OBE:

Unique Selling Point: Unique, Imaginative, ‘Charming, enchanting and richly layered this is purely delightful.’

Latest author interview:

“This delightful book will appeal to teens and young adults who love stories filled with magical crystals, dark family curses, and mysteries waiting to be solved around every corner. Each chapter leads you on a journey of discovery where Amelina earns the right to use three wizard stones to reset the balance of time and finally break the curse that holds her family hostage. A captivating tale!” – Colleen M. Chesebro (Editor)

Also, Mr. Sagittarius, my poetry and prose collection is being featured over at Literary Lightbox in the category Inspiration. Here’s the link:

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