Coronavirus Tips And Thoughts #Coronavirus #COVID19

Stay safe in your own personal wilderness

Isn’t it totally surreal? No one could predict such a catastrophic situation and in some ways,  it feels like we’re living in a terrifying novel, or a modern day war!  Our immediate enemy has become a devastating virus, not a person carrying a gun. But we have two enemies – the virus and our human selfishness.

The toilet roll fiasco is unbelievable. My husband David and I have encountered old couples in the local supermarket looking for a single roll of toilet paper who are disturbed to find there is none. David didn’t have any in his trolley, so instead he gave an old guy his kitchen towels as he was crying. So shocking. It demonstrates the level of selfishness that pervades our modern society. Is this what we have become?

Perhaps this virus is natures way of teaching us a lesson?

Be less selfish and save our beautiful planet.

What can we do? In my opinion we must listen to medical advice, support each other, create online communities and stay apart for now. How sad, but how necessary. It’s strange that social media has now become even more important. It has become our friend, our link to our ‘real life friends,’ our ‘family abroad and in other cities.’ BUT it is not always trustworthy there are scammers out there praying on the vulnerable and elderly and the added threat of false news and misinformation. So be careful, only trust in legitimate sources of information such as the WHO and the NHS.

So, keep safe, wash your hands meticulously, avoid going to crowded places such as pubs, restaurants, and clubs. And God forbid you go to the gym. It’s a sweaty germ factory. Instead, take a walk in nature, or a meander in your back garden. Perhaps consider buying gym equipment at home to use, or try an online yoga class, or mindfulness.

I know what I will be doing if I have to self isolate, as long as I am well, in my spare time (as I still have to work,) I will be reading, listen to audio books, watching TV, writing and running around the garden! 

Take care of yourself and your loved ones. Remember to tell them every day you love them. This is a war and we must fight. In all wars the depths of the human spirit will astound us. Let’s be kind, and unselfish in our actions. There is a lot of good in the human race, so let’s keep that coming. A huge thank you to all the nurses, doctors, care workers, educational key workers and medical staff, who put their lives at risk to save others. They are our heroes, let us praise them.

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Good Morning bloggers and authors. I would like to share with you some great sites I’ve found for helping, sharing and linking with fellow authors and bloggers.


Here they are:

Koobug is about authors.”

“Koobug is a place for you to read authors’ blogs, learn about their books, interact with them, and start blogging for yourself.

Koobug is a site for writers to show and sell their work. We feature links to buying elsewhere, and will soon be releasing our own book reader apps and software, giving authors a much better cut of the price.

Koobug was created by writers and authors – both traditionally and self-published. We want our site to encourage and let people discover high quality writing. We hope this site inspires you to start or continue writing, and that it helps you to achieve great things. Write to be read.

Koobug is evolving; you can follow that evolution on our own blog, in the ‘latest from us’ section.”


A twitter find today: Free Facebook advertising from LP Training.

This sounds good, still to investigate thoroughly but you can download or click the videos to watch.


The Word Factory – Writing sites round up in January

Including submitting tips from the Curtis Brown Agency:


Blots and Plots. How to find a freelance editor:

From Jenny Bravo, some tips about finding a freelance editor.


First draft post:

Author Rebecca Bradley Interviewing Rebecca Muddiman about her first draft process:


Free e-books for writers:

Guest post from Ronovan from Ronovan Writes on Jen’s Pen Den, with five excellent book suggestions for writers, including Write Good Or Die!


Making your own e-books:

Six part series of making your own e-books by David Cronin on Sally Cronin’s blog:


Bloggers link up:

This link up is from Vicky who “works from home as a writer, social media marketer and sometime bookkeeper.”


Monday Blogs:

Got something to say on a Monday? Look no further shout it out using #MondayBlogs Twitter Hastag via Rachel Thompson of Bad red head Media. There’s a Giveaway too, but hurry it finishes very soon.


Directory of Memes:

I had a go at doing this earlier on in one of my previous blog posts. Lisa Wolf of Book Shelf Fantasies is compiling a directory of memes so contact her if you would like to be added.


Creative commons licenses for your blog:


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