Guest post, Ali Isaac on dialog

Originally posted on Entertaining Stories:
Maybe for Ali’s sake I should spell it dialogue. I kind of like it that way myself. When I was looking for someone to do a guest post about writing dialog, Ali answered the call. Ali has two of three books available in her Tir Na Nog series. She had a huge hurdle to get over with her main character. I’ll let Ali tell you in her words. *** I’ve never been one for giving writerly advice. The way I see it, there are a million and one authors out there who can do it far better than me, who have huge book sales and successful marketing platforms to back them up. Google it, if you want… I’m sure most of you already have. There’s reams of advice on the subject; dialogue makes a story easy to read, it helps create flow and pace, it’s all about interaction, we can all relate to it because it’s something we use on a daily basis, it breaks up long chunks of text, it gets us inside characters heads, keeps the momentum going etc… Not to mention the basics, such as proper use of speech marks, new speaker on a new line, don’t use distracting fancy speech tags, avoid the use of ‘ly’ adverbs, and so on. You’ve heard it all before, so I won’t elaborate on it any further. It’s all good stuff that we need to…

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