A Secret Love in Venice

Reblogging this from Bespoke Traveller. If you haven’t been to Venice you must go! Such a wonderful city. Loved it.

Bespoke Traveler

Venice always seems to be the setting for tragic love stories. From Shakespeare’s Othello to Thomas Mann’s Aschenbach, characters find themselves in the throes of disastrous passion in this seductive Italian city. I think it is the decayed historicity of the water-logged destination that makes it so attractive to calamitous dramas. Many people are turned off by the moldy buildings, the dank water slowly creeping in everywhere, and the city’s eeriness even on the brightest of days. I relish my memories of Venice for I, too, have a secret tale of unrequited love in this mysterious port. Venice ensnared me into its provocative clutches and has never let go her hold.

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