A Grand Tour in Rome

Another wonderful post from Bespoke Traveller. Had to reblog. Just love Rome.

Bespoke Traveler

Rome_ColoseumI am lying on my back upon the uneven stone pavement of what was once the Appian Way contemplating my Grand Tour of Rome. The wealthy gentlemen who arrived in the Italian capital during the eighteenth century for their grand tour would, of course, not be found prostrate upon the city’s sidewalks. English noblemen like Francis Basset, or eminent poets like Johann Goethe, made a point of traveling to Rome on their European circuit in order to obtain intellectual, political, and ethical education abroad. What most of them spent their time doing was collecting rare antiques and having their portraits painted in front of Roman ruins. I haven’t come to Rome to be politically or ethically tutored, but to search for the inner workings of this antiquarian city.

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