Funny Cat and Dog PlayFights on YouTube


This morning I’ve been editing my manuscript and I came across an advice note to add more detail to a little comical fight scene between a cat and a dog in my story. I don’t own any pets so I thought I would watch a few videos on YouTube for inspiration. Glad I did, it was very cute and entertaining. Boy, those cats can stand up for themselves! Enjoy.

Either watch on the full screen icon option below or  head over to Youtube.



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  1. That dogs face on the second video! 😀 I think he’s a big softy at heart. They obviously like teasing each other those two, but still, it’s nice to see cats and dogs playing instead of being total enemies. The dog we had in our family when I was growing up, was so sweet, but she would have never played with a cat, that would have been beneath her!! 😀

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