Fantasy Faction’s Interview with Editor Abigail Nathan Interview – Part Two

Fantasy Faction’s Interview with editor Abigail Nathan of Bothersome Words Writing and Editing Services. Part One – What is it like being an editor?

via Editor Abigail Nathan Interview – Part Two.

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  1. This was very informative! If I do end up self-publishing, I will just pay for an editor. I’ll be selling the book at a loss, obviously, but I want my story to be polished. It’s a bit sad to see that the editor feels guilty about being honest, but I feel the same way too. I don’t like to hurt anyone, so I sometimes struggle with giving concrit. I try to make sure I also address the positive things because it’s just as important to know what you are doing right as it is to know what you are doing wrong.

  2. Yes, I thought so too! I discovered the Fantasy Faction blog at the YALC Lit Con. The Bring Me My Dragons Fantasy talk was chaired by Marc Aplin (blogger – Fantasy Faction).

    Giving constructive criticism is difficult and I try to be careful when I am doing so to emphasise fellow writer’s strengths rather than dwell too heavily on their weaknesses. If I mention any weaknesses I try to do so in a nice, thoughtful way. Most people that criticise my work do the same, though I did have one person on the Futurelearn on-line writing course who I thought was overly harsh. Yes, it does hurt but you have to pick yourself up and just get on with it. After all when your book gets published your reviewers may not like it. I suppose writers have to learn to deal with rejection, and criticism, but it’s not easy. Thanks so much for your comment, it is nice to know that you found it helpful. My intention is to encourage a community of fellow writers, and bloggers to connect, so your comments are much appreciated 🙂

  3. Thank you for that link, a very interesting interview. It’s good read some thoughts and opinions from an editor. I shall keep her links bookmarked! 🙂

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