My Friday Images: Human Flowers and Other Eccentricities


Human Flowers.

A Very Happy Friday to you. Let’s talk about a new species. Of what you might ask. I’d reply, “You never know what you are looking at these days. Images trick you. Eyes deceive you.” You’d say, “Really, prove it!”

Yes, I intend to, I like a bit of a challenge. These are ………. drum roll please ………human flowers. No, they can’t be you say! They look so real. Those can’t be people. Well, here’s the thing, they are real. Astounding. Brilliant.


A delicate gust of wind and those blooms might just blow away!

A sky Diving Bloom
No Thorns on This One
Just Going For A Nap
Black Hair, Red Tights Rock!

More of these wonderful human flowers at:

Garden Statues Extraordinaire

So after those human flowers what manner of human eccentricity will we meet next?

No humble garden gnome. Of course not, what do you take me for!

Let’s take a look at some quite extraordinary Garden Statues.


Buddha ……………………

Flattening the long grass.


A Sea Serpent perhaps?

Watering the grass.

jardin-202150__180 Jardin Botanique, Montreal, Statue
Jardin Botanique, Montreal

A meandering pathway leading to …

A faraway hand!


Perhaps a cat stuck up a tree?

Give Me A leg up.


Or your Garden needs watering?

While you’re dressed up in your Sunday Best!


The Sun is out

What a perfect way to take some shade


A little picnic lunch.

How sweet.


Yikes, a scary dwarf carrying a pitcher.



This one may have a poison apple.

She’s wearing the biggest choker I’ve ever seen!


Stop Fighting!
There’s enough water for everyone.


I told you so!


 This lady’s trying to play guitar!

Shame she’s seized up with all that moss.

Have a lovely weekend. Keep your eye out for all those amazing sights, and keep me posted!


Jardin Botanique Montreal:

In case this has inspired you to rush out and buying some unusual garden accessories:

Or maybe you might be interested in Feng Shui? This link is for Dragons in Feng Shui, but there are also all sorts of other interesting Feng Shui uses on this link, e.g. crystals and Feng Shui too. So, take a look:

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  1. Those human flowers are amazing! The statues in the garden remind me of a place back home in the north west of England called the Grizedale Forest. It is a series of nature trails, with hidden statues or carvings, all of them quirky, some on the path, some off the path hidden in a clearing that you have to go and find, some hanging out of trees, all of them very magical and inspiring.

    1. Thanks Ali. Wow. The Grizedale Forest sounds amazing must try to visit one day. It’s wonderful to discover special places that are so magical, and inspiring.

      1. Yes, I used to love it there, but havent been in such a long time. Ireland is my home now, and has certainly stolen my heart!

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