The 777 Challenge


I’ve been nominated to take part in the 777 Challenge by Candice Coates.

Here’s a link to her awesome blog, do check it out:


Whatever could the 777  be?  It sounds a bit mysterious. Is it some kind of origami challenge?


No it isn’t origami. It is where you share a snippet from one of your recent WIP (Works In Progress.)


The rules are simple:

•Go to page 7 of your WIP (Or an older work that you have done and just love.)
•Scroll down to line 7
•Share the next 7 sentences in a blog post.
•After the excerpt tag 7 other writers to continue the challenge.


Just below the following short description you’ll find my selection from my first manuscript. It is a short excerpt from my fantasy novel set in Cambridge, UK.

Amelina is a young Krystallos, a girl with magical powers awakened by crystals, and art. There are many themes within the story, the main ones being: secrets, magic, deception, hypnotism, attraction, a hidden mystery, and the interplay between darkness and light.


Amelina walked faster, her heart pounded in response trying to match the speed of her footsteps until it felt like it was stepping into a unified bursting point. The sound of their approaching foot-steps just behind her quickened, getting closer and closer.

As soon as they reached the tracks she heard the sound of a train thundering down. It silenced and stopped them all from moving an inch.

The tall boy sniggered, “Saved by the train.”

His friend laughed. The train thundered on.

My Nominees:


I’d recommend that you check out the above blogs they are great!

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Marje @ Kyrosmagica xx


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  1. My godfather moved to Cambridge and has lived there for so long now it must be a lovely place. It’s a part of the world I don’t know at all, but your story has piqued my curiosity.

    1. Cambridge is a lovely place full of charm. I have been living here since I got married and brought up my two children here. Thank you for your comment and glad to hear that my story piqued your curiosity. 🙂

  2. Oh gotta love these snippets! Even with the short description you gave before hand, I am still left wondering WHAT HAPPENS NEXT! I also love how you explained that the 7/7/7 is not origami, that made me laugh! Thanks for sharing your work and participating. Cheers!

  3. Thanks for the nomination!

    Web Of Memories:

    “You’re not serious? He’s a kid! Jesus man! We can’t do that!” Drew was the first to protest, then the third one chimed in.

    “Hey, let’s just leave him alone and get out of here!”

    Green looked at his friends, his smile wiped away. There was a stare in his eyes, one that made me think of my Mother when my Father and she were fighting, only Green’s look seemed deadlier. The gnarled stare of a monster.
    “There ain’t no monsters in der’. ” Bugsy’s voice had said. His promise to me was now broken.

      1. Thanks Marje! It’s a work in progress…Haha. I hope to find a traditional publisher for it in the near future, but it’s still in production stages.

        Thanks again for the nomination, and as one of my followers, I apologize for my lack of content lately. This has been happening often lately, due to my health and other projects, but I hope to be actually be back to full strike soon.

        Sorry if that was out of the blue, just felt the need to say it.

        Thanks again for your support!

  4. Oh no worries. I like to support fellow writers and artists. Keep up the good work Adam, and good luck with your work in progress. Yes, sometimes it’s hard to find the time for blogging, today I was hoping to do some writing but got side tracked playing on a photo editing site! Still on the plus side I now know how to edit a photo, and add effects, etc, which might come in handy.

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