Two Lovely Awards!!!! Real Neat and Premio Dardos


The lovely Jade at Scatterbooker nominated me for two awards this Monday! Now that’s woken me out of my Monday Slumber, what an unexpected, and lovely surprise.  Thank you so much Jade for the Real Neat Blog Award and the Premio Dardos award.


Real Neat Blog Award Rules

1. Put the Award Logo in your post

2. Answer 7 questions asked by the person who nominated you (my questions are at the bottom of this post.)

4. Nominate any number of bloggers you like, linking to their blogs.

5. Let them know you nominated them (by commenting on their blog etc)

Here are the questions I’ve been asked and my answers: 

  1. What is the best book you’ve ever read? Well I think I’m still discovering the answer to that question, but some of my favourites are: The Great Gatsby, The Picture of Dorian Gray, My Sister’s Keeper, The Book Thief, The Miniaturist, The Big Sleep, The House of Silk, which I’ve just finished reading, plus lots of fantasy novels, particularly Garth Nix’s Old Kingdom: Sabriel, Abhorsen and Lirael, Victoria Schwab’s The Archived and The Unbound, and of course Vicious, plus some romance where would a girl be without a touch of love in her life? So my favourite Rainbow Rowell is Eleanor And Park, and my favourite Stephanie Perkins to date is: Lola and The Boy Next Door.
  2. What is your favourite holiday destination? My favourite holiday destination has to be Malaysia, as this is where my mother’s family come from and I would love to go back and see them one day, with a short stopover in Singapore, (the land of my birth), or Hong Kong (where I grew up as a child!)
  3. What is your favourite thing to do in your spare time? Reading! Also I enjoy Tai Chi. Love relaxing pastimes, rather than fast and furious ones!
  4. Who is your secret celebrity crush? Oh this one is so easy, it would have to be Kelly Jones, from Stereophonics. Love their music and he is hot!!! Exceptionally!!!!thS61OTKDV
  5. Do you have a favourite sports team? No, I don’t really like sports much! Though I do love watching Ski racing, I’m not a great skier, but I love to watch others fling themselves off a mountain.
  6. What song is guaranteed to get you up and dancing? Dancing Queen, Abba, or I don’t feel like Dancing, Scissor Sisters.
  7. Do you have any pets? I did as a child. Lots of pets, a hamster, gerbil, gold fish, two cats, and a dog, not all at the one time but now I don’t have any. Which is a shame, I would love to, but my husband is allergic (or says he is!)  If I could have one pet it would be a cat, and we have an occasional visiting black cat, which is really nice.  He has a lovely shiny black coat, and a cute white patch on his neck. 

The Premio Dardos Award



My nominations for both of these awards are:

1. Ronovan Writes. “Welcome to Lit World Interviews, a place for authors to share and be shared with others. A place to find advice for an Author to promote themselves, write, edit, and publish their work. ” “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” ― Ernest Hemingway” ‘Supporting authors at every step”

2. Emma Cazabonne:  France Book Tours: “First of all, in case you have not guessed yet, I LOVE reading!” “I learned how to read when I was about 4, because I kept bugging my mother telling her  all day long that I was bored. It was in France, in a tiny little village, 250 inhabitants, no kindergarten, nothing for young kids. So my mother figured out that if she taught me how to read, I would leave her alone. It worked, and that was the beginning of an incurable obsession.” “I  am French and have been living in the US for over 10 years. Besides being a book blogger, I am an English-French translator and an online French tutor.” I’m nominating France Book Tours :

3. Diane Wickles.  “I’ve got romance on my mind…” A lovely blog about romance, and Feng Shui. Diane’s new book, Hong Kong Treasure is coming out soon, releasing on Chinese’s New Year, the 19th of February, looking forward to reading it.

4. JacquiWine “Mostly books, with a little wine writing on the side.”  She’s particularly interested in world lit/literature in translation.

5. Sarah Vernon’s First Night Design Blog. She has a marvellous blog about: Art, Design, Theatre, Literature, History, Food, Laughter … and the ex-pat life.

6. Lance Greenfield, a recent follow who says:  “love to travel. I have visited about 80 countries in my life, and I love to immerse myself in different cultures, languages and cuisines.”

7. Tall Tales and Short Stories BlogSpot. Another excellent new find: “ALL THINGS CHILDREN’S AND YA FICTION: NEWS, REVIEWS & INTERVIEWS”

8. The Crazy Bag Lady. “Set your spirit free. Bohemian artist who loves to travel and draw.” 

9. Mommycookforme “home recipes from one mother to ,” and she paints too.

10.  Doru. “Storia illustrate” – a photograph to tell a story.

11.  Deutscherwanderwolf. Literature, running, and exchange studies in Hamburg.

12. Blue Dark Art. “I am a graphic designer and photographer. I love Nature, Animals, Sun, Tropical Atmospheres, and Colors are the nourishment of my wandering Soul!…But my Dark Side is not so far…”

13. Caffeine Crew. Caffeine Crew was created to deliver the best in geekery, whether it be gaming, books, music, anime, anything.

And a couple of new blogs I found today:

14. Culture and Cake.”Give me books, cake, wine and fine weather!”

15. Culture and Food. Anna Mindes. “Understanding the world by tasting it”

My questions:

1. Do you have any unusual pastimes such as pot-holing, or ball-room dancing?

2. Have you ever fallen in love at first sight?

3. What kind of books do you like to read, and do you have a favourite?

4. If you had a choice to listen to a  music concert, go to a film, or the theatre, or an art/photography exposition, which would you choose?

5. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?

6. What is your favourite and your least favourite food?

7. Are you good at keeping secrets?

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    1. Hi. Thank you, congratulations to you too. Yes, it would be nice, maybe one day I’ll visit Malaysia again, the last time I went was about six years ago, so a re-visit is long overdue!

  1. Hello! Thank you for the nomination!
    I’m currently writing my MA thesis, so I don’t have time to complete all or the aspects of this award go around, but I did some. I am happy you read my blog and I look forward to more posts from you in the future.

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