My Friday Image and Poem : The Weeping Girls – Laura Ford


The Weeping Girls

The Weeping Girl leans against a tree,

Long hair tumbling in rope like curls,

Obscuring, and suffocating, eyes clamped shut,

   Unable to express,

Excitement, contentment, anger, sadness,


The Weeping Girls Weep.

The Weeping Girls are not living,

The Weeping Girls are not breathing,

The Weeping Girls are not smiling,

The Weeping Girls are not laughing,


The Weeping Girls Weep.

Stone hands grip her cold stone dress,

The tree moulds to her evident distress,

Seasons come and go,

The Tree lives,


The Weeping Girl weeps.

The Weeping Girls aren’t playing,

The Weeping Girls aren’t dancing,

The Weeping Girls aren’t hide and seeking,

The Weeping Girls aren’t reading and writing,


The Weeping Girls Weep.

Birds fly in the sky,

Visitors walk by,

Children laugh and play,

Stares disturb the Weeping Girls,


The Weeping Girls Weep.

The Weeping Girls can’t  draw,

The Weeping Girls can’t sleep,

The Weeping Girls can’t  eat,

The Weeping Girls can’t  love,


The Weeping Girls Weep.

The Weeping Girls have no pets,

The Weeping Girls  have no games,

The Weeping Girls have no friends and lovers,

The Weeping Girls have no children.


The Weeping Girls Weep.

The Weeping Girls stone heart gashes.


The Weeping Girls stone eyes glare,

The Weeping Girls stone teeth gnash,

The Weeping Girls stone hands grind,

The Weeping Girls stone feet gallop,

The Weeping Girls Wail !!!!!!


Poetry and Weeping Girl photo is Copyright M J Mallon aka Kyrosmagica.

I found these statues so thought-provoking when I saw them many years ago at Juniper Artland.  The photo at the top of this blog post is my best photo of the Weeping Girls, unfortunately some of my other photos were a bit blurry. But do see the link at the end of this post to see the photographs of the other Weeping Girls,  in all their eerie glory, there are five in all, I do hope they don’t give you nightmares!

Have a wonderful weekend,  keep on smiling, no weeping, and no wailing  allowed!

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