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Goodreads synopsis:

Deshi Han, Hong Kong’s biggest martial arts actor and director has a heart of gold. When he rescues a woman with amnesia, he thinks he’s doing her a favor by providing stability while she recovers her memory. Despite his hectic lifestyle, he finds himself letting her into his world until he cannot fathom a life without his Annie.

His dark eyes drank in every inch of her body. She wished it was just the two of them, dancing in his bedroom where they could…

Unable to recall even her own name, Annie, as she’s named by famous Asian actor Deshi Han, accepts his kindness and stays with him while she recovers her health and memory. Fascinated with his life and her new family, she finds international romance in China when the handsome actor offers to comfort her after nightmares give rise to fears that a stranger is watching.

What would happen when her memory returned? Would he send her away? Would he make love to her if he would be sending her away soon? Did it really mean so little to him? Did she?

When Annie’s health becomes questionable and she tells Deshi she’s afraid that someone from her past is watching her, things unravel between the actor and his American princess until he discovers her gone from his bed, confirming his worst fears. Will he be able to protect Annie from the danger lurking in his immediate camp and claim her as his Hong Kong treasure?

About romance author D. Dominik Wickles
D. Dominik Wickles has always had a love for the written word and never goes anywhere without a book to read. After earning her BA from Mercyhurst University she began more than a decade of teaching computer classes and editing newsletters. Writing fiction gives voice to her more creative side. Her passion for writing gave birth to Hong Kong Treasure, a romance love story with a little mystery and action thrown in for good measure. Ms. Wickles lives on the Lake Erie shore with her husband, two sons, and a very spoiled feline. In her spare time, she likes camping with her family, and building and decorating dollhouses.


My review:

I’m delighted to say that I won a signed Blog Anniversary paperback copy of Hong Kong Treasure, D. Dominik Wickle’s, debut novel, which she kindly posted to me all the way from the States. Hong Kong Treasure appealed to me as I spent my early childhood in Hong Kong and I love to read books set in the Far East. Also I enjoy books that explore martial arts, oh and food, and the references to Chinese food and dim sum are a delight! Hong Kong Treasure is one of those books that you read as a “guilty pleasure.” It has a fair amount of romance, mystery, and a touch of much appreciated sauciness, which keeps you entertained, but not so much that you would be embarrassed reading it in public.

I did enjoy the concept of Hong Kong Treasure but I wanted more! More description of all the wonderful places that Deshi took his American princess too, and I have to say a little less shopping, but that’s just me! I’m more of a culture vulture than a shopping gal. There is a substantial amount of dialogue in the novel, and shorter descriptive passages. The descriptions could possibly have been given more priority at times, particularly as the locations in the novel are amazing.

Annie is a  young American woman who Deshi takes home after a typhoon has robbed her of all traces of memory. Deshi is a workaholic film maker, with a kind heart. He is dedicated to his charity work and has never let any woman take centre stage before now. Unexpectedly Annie appears turning his ordered world upside down. His two closest female companions respond to this intrusion in differing ways, his trusted aide, Jun, hates her and does everything she can to get rid of her,  and his mother welcomes her wholeheartedly into her house. Annie ends up sleeping in Deshi’s bed and amazingly Deshi manages to control himself for quite some time before he gives into her allure. Quite the gentleman.  But soon that is all in the past and he can’t keep his hands off her, and she can’t keep her hands off him. As well as the blossoming romance I enjoyed the chit chat and the developing friendship between Annie and her new found Chinese friend, Mei.

So on the whole a nice romantic read but there are a few points I would like to make:

I would have liked to have seen another side to Annie, she comes across a little bit stereotypical,  a “damsel in distress,” with Deshi being very much the “Alpha male.” She learns Kung Fu but doesn’t use it, which is fine in the beginning of the novel, and even quite amusing when she finds herself at the mercy of the Mong Kok area notorious for Triad gangs and feels guilty about leaving her rescuer alone: “But could she leave him to handle the gang alone? Not that she’d be much good in a fight, she’d only had four Kung Fu lessons. Somehow she didn’t think they’d be frightened off by the solidness of her stance.” Though later she encourages her bodyguard Tommy to leave her unguarded with the words, “How many Kung Fu lessons have I had? I can take on anyone.” Yet, she doesn’t put this into practice when her threatening father in law turns up, instead she whimpers rather than trying out her Kung Fu on him! This is also true of the Cantonese that she studies, as far as I could see she doesn’t try to speak to Deshi in his mother tongue. One of the characters, Paul, an employee of Deshi has a habit of smoothing his moustache which becomes a bit repetitive after a while. The pace of the novel picks up towards the end but I would have preferred that this excitement could have built up a little earlier. Annie finally showed what she was more than just a timid American princess right towards the end, saying no more, I don’t want to spoil it for you. The novel ends on a light-hearted positive note, and the general tone of the novel is cheerful.

In conclusion, D.Dominik’s Hong Kong Treasure’s setting is wonderful, taking the reader on a journey to the Far East, briefly visiting delights such as the Jade Buddha Temple,  the Great Wall of China,  and the bustling city of Hong Kong, with its scary triad Mong Konk area. Overall I have rated it a 3 star romance read. If you like a light-hearted quick read with a touch of romance, this is the one for you.

After I finished reading Hong Kong Treasure I began to imagine what it would be like if this little book was turned into a film. Somehow, I can see that there are elements that would work very well in that medium. I can just visualise the colour of Hong Kong, the wonderful locations, the romance, the Kung Fu, the Tai Chi, the cultural references,  the mystery and the potential threat would keep an audience entertained, as would the East/West romance between Deshi and Annie, so who knows. Watch this space! I have a tendency to be a bit psychic sometimes!

Good luck, I hope you have much success with your debut novel, Diane, it has been a pleasure to review it for you.

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Marje @ Kyrosmagica xx

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  1. Thanks for the great review and best wishes, Marjorie! Glad you enjoyed Hong Kong Treasure and you are the second person to mention the possibility of making it into a movie. Hmmm…

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