How To Edit Before You Submit Your Manuscript To An Editor

Excellent advice about editing your manuscript from A Knife and A Quill.

A Knife And A Quill- old

Rodney Jones, author of The Sun, The Moon, and Maybe the Trains (Red Adept Publishing)

How to edit before you submit your manuscript to an editor:

As is true with anything, editing skills improve with experience. The first novel I wrote, I read over about twenty times, changing this word and that, cleaning, tightening, strengthening sentences and paragraphs until I arrived at a point where I thought it was ready to send out. I took the route of seeking an agent. I sent out a couple dozen queries and sample chapters, and in return received an equal number of impersonal rejections.  I went back to my MS, took a hard, critical look at it, concluded that the entire plot structure was wrong, so then reorganized it, did another dozen read-through-edits, resubmitted it to a different group of agents and was rewarded with more rejection. I continued this process, spending close…

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