Colleen’s Weekly #Tanka #Poetry Challenge # 25 – Clouds & Spring

Yesterday, I had a lovely day out with my eldest daughter. She’s planning on writing a dissertation on the Parthenon Sculptures – British Museum so we trundled off to investigate.

I love day trips to London, especially when the sun shines. We had a thoroughly entertaining day out, which consisted of a ridiculous amount of eating, walking, more eating, and then more walking… It happened to be quite a funny day too.

Here’s my daughter…

unnamed (1)

and me…


We stopped for lunch at Leon. The weather was so inviting that we sat outside on the terrace. A bloke in motorbike gear took this as an invitation to approach us and join in our conversation. I had offered my daughter some money for lunch, as she’s paid on her student card, (yes I am that stingy! LOL… ) and he thought he’d asked for a fiver too! When we declined to give him the five pound note he took it in good spirits and asked for a high five instead. My daughter obliged. Later, after some shopping we decided to go to Bella Italia for dinner, my treat this time, and on our way out of the restaurant we asked the waiter where the toilets where and by some weird coincidence he replied, ‘only if you give me five pounds!’ So, I told him about our earlier encounter and we all laughed… Perhaps these two young men were somehow twins?

The ladybirds didn’t really make an entrance but somehow they seem to make everything all the more colourful, and springlike… So here’s my Tanka…
Tanka Tuesday (1)

Now, unless you are Italian, or have Italian friends you’re probably thinking what in heavens is a Sfogliatella? The name conjures up all sorts of imagery doesn’t it? In reality, Sflogliatella are a lovely shell-shaped filled Italian pastry native to Campania. I’m in the know because my youngest has an Italian boyfriend. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any Sfogliatella this time but we did have some little Italian cakes and coffee in the Cafe in the garden at Russell Square. Munch, munch…

Ciao, see you soon…

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      1. I’m struggling for time Colleen, as last weekend and this weekend I’m quite busy … Working Saturday. I’m trying to do a little bit at a time. Have written all the Tankas, so that’s one thing ticked off, and all the major edits that you suggested have been done. I’ll get there. Have written the piece for SCBWI, (the event I went to last weekend,) so that’s done , but still have to write that up on my blog at some point. May need to take a bit of a blogging break to get my edits done, end of March, beginning of April, as I have some holidays planned then.

  1. Eating, walking, laughing, and the British Museum – that sounds like a perfect combination to me. I’m glad you had some wonderful spring weather for it too!

    1. Thank you Tina. Glad you think she does because a lot of people don’t think so! Looks aside we are incredibly alike in so many ways – we share a love of books, theatre, creativity, and writing. 🙂

    1. Thanks Janice, it was such fun. Love days out with my daughters, it will be my youngest daughters turn next! Though, she’s taking me out for mother’s day, as Tasha is away in Brighton.

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