Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge #54 Free and Think


RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #54 Free&Think

This week’s prompt words for Ron’s Weekly Haiku Challenge are Free and Think.

Here’s the link to Ronovan’s blog to join in the challenge:

Both of my Haiku this week are more serious in nature, this is a bit unusual for me but somehow the prompt words seemed to lead me down a more thoughtful path. Of the two Haiku the second one is more light-hearted.

The following Haiku are especially for anyone who is or has ever experienced the overpowering symptoms of anxiety. This is much more common than you would ever believe possible, it seems that this fast paced world that we now live in is the perfect breeding grown for anxiety symptoms.



Free my racing pulse

No thought but relentless fear

Anxiety bites


My second Haiku is inspired by AAT, whatever could that be?

Read all about it after this haiku, a much needed hug for all sufferers getting through another day, living with the crippling effects of anxiety.




Pet Hugs

Cruel thought assailant

Anxiety wires your brain

Pet hugs free event


© Marjorie Mallon 2015 – aka, Kyrosmagica. All Rights Reserved.

Words good or bad, are my very own!

At my daughter’s University, they had this special event, dogs where brought into  campus for students to help counter stress relief. A hug a dog day or something like that! The official term is Animal Assisted Therapy or AAT for short. Which also happens to be the abbreviation for Accounting technicians, I know which of the two I prefer!

What a great idea, not the accounting I hasten to add. I’d rather hug a cat or dog than add up a row of figures any day of the week, and I should know I used to be a book-keeper many years ago!

Here’s a link to find out more about Animal Assisted Therapy:

Let’s not go without mentioning a new development regarding our cat friends, CAT CAFE’S!

I’ve just found out there’s one in Edinburgh, which I must go and visit.

It’s called Maison de Moggy and it’s in Stockbridge:

I’m planning to go up in August, but the trip will be a stressful one as my mum is going into hospital for an operation. She loves cats so maybe when she’s feeling up to it, I’ll take her for a bit of R & R to the cat café.

For more cat cafés in the UK and abroad visit:

There’s a shed load of benefits attributed to owning a cat or a dog. Here’s the ones that spring readily to mind: great for reducing your blood pressure, making you more active (taking your dog for a walk,) widening your social network with other dog/cat owners, staving of loneliness, and reducing stress!

No wonder so many writers have a dog or a cat. I’m missing out…… My pet free way of unwinding is going to Tai Chi or doing a bit of Yoga, and having a bubble bath and a glass of wine does wonders for me too….

So whether it’s hugging a human friend or a dog or cat, it’s all so very good for you.

Check out Val Boyko’s wonderful blog which is full of tips to nourish and restore you:



Please do comment, I love to hear from you. Have you a dog or a cat? Or an unusual pet? Have you any tips about reducing stress?




Marje @ Kyrosmagica xx

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  1. Great haikus and thanks for the write-up about ATT. I also have a pet-free life, although I keep thinking I’d like to have one (but I come and go too much).

    1. It’s funny how Ronovan’s haiku challenge seems to take me down all sorts of roads! Yes, like you I’m pet free as I travel a lot too, (mainly to see my family in Edinburgh,) and my husband is allergic or he says so!

    1. Yes, I know how you feel I’ve struggled with anxiety in the past, and it’s amazing the ridiculous things it does to you. The panic that it triggers, even simple things like drinking a cup of tea in public can become an issue, for fear the cup may shake in your hand. It sounds ridiculous but when I was struggling with this I would often avoid drinking in public. Unfortunately it can effect people’s results in exams as well which is a terrible shame, I know that my daughter suffers with this, and I do worry for her.

  2. Hi Marje! I enjoyed both your haiku. I immediately thought of my little Pomeranian, Scribbles when I read the 2nd one. I love having my dog,. He gives me so much love and peace of mind. <3

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