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Hi Campers… oh no wrong club, sailors…

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If we were having coffee –

I’d say that I’m recovering from a sailing adventure!  And since I arrived back home I’ve been craving sugar and drinking frothy caramel lattes. Would you like to join me for one? I promise it will be calorific heaven, I might even serve it in a little coffee cup dinghy!

Last weekend we were away on a friend’s sailing boat. So I thought I’d invite you to come along with me to see some of the lovely places we went to. The photo featured at the top was taken at Yarmouth, Isle of Wight.

We began our yachting adventure in Southampton. With lots of goodies stowed aboard for our journey: food, wine, and an abundance of savoury and sweet treats we set off. It was quite a feat that Fat Bottomed Girl even got going! Who’s that you might ask? Stop being so cheeky. I know what you’re thinking… but… it’s the name of the well stocked sailing boat. Of course!

Our captain had everything covered, even providing yours truly and my daughter with sailing jackets, and of course obligatory life vests for everyone..

Here’s Captain Jon, our sailing aficionado.. (He’s been sailing since he was twelve…) with my hubby David on the right, sharing a Father’s Day bromance moment! Ahhh..

WP_20160618_022 - Copy

C’est Moi, smiling widely… in my red sailing gear, you can’t see my hands but I’m sure I must be praying for good weather! WP_20160618_025

We’re all trying to keep the optimism up, by wearing our shades… all except me, with my compulsory glasses wearing. I have to see where I’m going. We don’t want any man or woman overboard issues. I say this because my husband has fallen off a boat a few times.. twice in the Mediterranean, and once in the UK, so it’s now best to keep an eye on him, and generally good advice to keep him away from the vino. Oh no, no chance! Only kidding, he fell off  last time while cleaning the boat on a boy’s trip (well that’s what he told me.) He hit his head and nearly drowned. Luckily one of his friends realised he’d vanished, and scooped him out of the water just in time. Quite a feat as he is over six feet tall.

So, on this trip we were hoping not to have to use this Man Overboard Rescue Sling. We did hear a few emergencies coming over the radio… but luckily the coastguard dealt with them pretty super pronto.


My friend Diane is striking a laid back kind of pose. You can tell she’s used to this sailing lark! She isn’t about to do any life saving just yet, especially if it involves pulling a six foot man out of the sea. WP_20160618_023

Oh, mustn’t forget the two youngest members of the crew, my daughter Gina, and her friend Sophie. Somehow wearing the sailing attire seems to make them look a lot younger than they are… Sweet. Oh Dear she’s going to kill me for that remark..WP_20160618_031

Generally it was pretty much plain sailing. But there were a few we better pay attention to where we’re going moments, when all these yachts kept chasing us. Steady on!WP_20160619_008

Gina had a chance to take the helm. Here’s a sweet photo of the two of them… one to keep… as it was Father’s Day. Ahh…WP_20160619_001

We stopped for a bite to eat at a lovely bay at National Trust Nature Reserve – Newtown. As you can see it was a bit overcast, but nevertheless you do get a sense of the tranquility and unspoiled nature of the place. WP_20160618_033

For our last evening we splashed out and had a tasty meal at a very lovely restaurant in Yarmouth, called The George, which had this amazing restaurant with beautiful sea-views. As you can see the sky was now a hazy blue colour after being a bit grey!WP_20160618_052We also stopped for an ice cream at The Gossips cafe at Yarmouth, but whatever you do, do remember to keep that to yourself, as we don’t want that kind of information getting around..WP_20160618_049 (1)

We had a wonderful weekend.. though I have to say I still feel as if I’m in sleepy mode.  It must be that continual rocking motion. We had a long drive back home and stopped for fish and chips on the way back. Yum. All that sea air really makes you hungry!

Hope you had a great week. What have you been up to? Been sailing recently?

Hope you enjoyed my  Weekend Coffee Share post.

Cheers. What can I get you to drink?

Marje @ Kyrosmagica xx


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  1. What a great story! Thank you for taking your readers to join you for this lovely sailing trip! I adore your sense of humour and allow me to mention it here, you have a beautiful family!

    Vivienne X

    1. Thank you so much Vivienne. I love to share these happy moments with my readers, and family is so important to me. Unfortunately my eldest daughter wasn’t with us on the trip, but perhaps she will be next time. I love how sailing allows you to discover unspoilt, beautiful bays that perhaps you would not have seen. It is such a gift to spend time with friends too. 😄

  2. Thanks for taking me along on your sailing adventure. Our family loves sailing but will wait for Spring to get back out there again. It’s Winter here in Sydney and freezing, although most says are lovely and sunny. We watched a documentary about the Spanish Armada moved near the Isle of Wight. So much history there.
    Hope you have a great week!
    xx Rowena
    PS Love the name of the boat!

  3. Marje, it was a delight to read about your day out – relaxed day sailing with no mishaps! It was funny what you said about your daughter looking younger as I thought the same seeing her photo – looks around 12! I won’t be popular now!

  4. WOW. Great pix and post. I’ done ‘the sailing bit through Yarmouth. it was many years ago. But you can bet that was another reason to love this x

  5. Happy Sailings ^_^
    aawe you could try finding those shades which go over your glasses so you can blend in hahahaha hmmm or prescription sunglasses with all the style of ordinary corrective lenses blended into sunnies aha! you can do that
    here is to an awesome weekend

      1. Hahahahahahaha you could have fooled me, now you have to post a pic with sunglasses so we know its real ♥♥

  6. Well, Hello Sailor! Thanks for sharing your sailing weekend with us Marje. Have I been sailing? Yes, but only the once. Boats and I do not get on. I suppose being a non-swimmer has something to do with it.

    1. Oh, that is understandable Hugh. I can swim quite well, not exactly fast but I can stay afloat, though I do think if I fell in the UK the cold would get me pretty quick. Luckily I stayed on board!

  7. Wow, what a great adventure! Thanks for taking us along.. The only kind of sailboat I’ve been on was a cattamaran – there is so much to know about sailing and I find it all fascinating! Looks like you all had a great time.. 🙂

  8. Ah, ha, ha! I love the name of the boat! The pictures are beautiful. It looks like you all had a blast. I haven’t been sailing since last summer but I’m hoping to go sailing soon.

  9. Hi Marje, at last I’m here, phew! I wanted to pay you a visit before I disapper from blogland for the summer. I put up my post in the week to let everyone know I’m going to take a blogging hiatus until September as I’ve hit the wall with everything going on right now (not to mention the vote…) behind the scenes and with desperately wanting to finish my memoir. I wanted to let you know so you don’t forget me, lol! Just kidding…but I look forward to keeping in touch with you via FB in the meantime. I loved your post and all your photos, what a lovely family you have, your daughter is lovely like her Mum 🙂 I grew up sailing, love it. We took our holidays sailing on the Norfolk Broads every year. We’ve have some hair raising adventures so I know what you mean about trying not to fall in! So glad you had such a great time…hope you’ve still got that lovely floaty feeling! See you soon 🙂 xx

    1. Hi Sherri. Thank you for the lovely message – of course I won’t forget you! I’m in a pretty similiar place at the moment as I ‘m finding it difficult to find the time to blog as much with all my other commitments and editing my novel. I will probably only be doing about one post a week if that! Take care, good luck with your memoir writing. Keep smiling. Marje 😄 xx

      1. Haha…just checking lol!!!! I’ll look out for you on FB with your updates and I wish you the very best with your edits. It’s hard doing it all isn’t it?!! Thanks so much Marje…and I am smiling 🙂 xx

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