Ronovan Writes #Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge # 56 Luck And Hope


RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #56 Luck&Hope


This week’s prompt words from Ron are Luck and Hope. Wow what positive and inspiring words, I have a feeling I’m going to enjoy writing this week’s haiku. Luck and hope sound pretty good from my perspective as I have just heard that my friend’s daughter is doing well in hospital, I wrote my previous haiku, no. #55 when I was still very worried about her so it’s good to know that she will soon be at home. Bless her, she’s such a fighter, such a lovely lass, I have so much admiration for her.

So Luck and Hope, this haiku started off on a serious note, as my friend’s daughter has been in a lot of pain so here’s my first Get Well haiku to hope that her pain will soon be a distant memory:


Get Well Soon

Luck will have its day

Hope’s sweetest hug will triumph

 And pain will depart


Now let’s rouse this Get Well message with a bit of  Hakuna Matataing.

My mind works in mysterious ways!

I reckon The Lion King was on my mind after chatting online with Erika at BookVentureland about our fondness for this great Disney movie.

If you’ve forgotten the lyrics, shame on you!

Here’s a link to remind you:

So here goes, LET’S HAKUNA MATATA,  adding a touch of cheeky haiku luck and hope to the awesomeness of this song.



Let’s Hakuna Matata

A blessing of hope

Let’s Hakuna Matata

 Lucky Worry Free !


I’m ending on another humorous note, it was bound to happen after all that Hakuna Matataing.

This one could be humorous if you win at gambling I suppose, but it might be serious if you lose…… So don’t try this Haiku at home folks, not unless you’re willing to part with your hard earned money!



Lucky Dice

Hope’s a Gambler’s friend

Pink champagne and caviar

Roll my lucky dice!


© Marjorie Mallon 2015 – aka, Kyrosmagica. All Rights Reserved.

Here’s the link to Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenges:

Hope you liked this week’s triple dose of haiku. Oh I’m buzzing with all that Hakuna Matataing….

I’d love to hear from you please don’t be shy do leave a comment.


Marje @ Kyrosmagica xx

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