79 Words Story: The Halloween Brooch


This Monday I’m doing something a little bit different for #MondayBlogs I’m exercising my word muscles with the intention of entering into Chris the Story Reading Ape’s 79 Words story challenge.

The next 79 story challenge entries will be going live soon – I’ve been a bit quick off the racing block – the shot gun hasn’t been fired just yet, so check the following link to the previous entry to find out more, and to read the previous entrants stories.

I believe when your entry is ready remember to check back with Chris for details how to enter. No cheating, wait for the shot gun!



79 words sounds pretty accurate, not much room for manoeuvre, I wander if I can rise to the challenge?

Well the good news is I have an idea, that’s a start. It’s funny where you find ideas, the other day I was out jogging, and being a seriously rubbish jogger (I kind of jog walk, mainly walk if I’m honest!) I don’t need much of an excuse to take any opportunity to stop and take an extended breather. So, on this particular day I saw this little shop, in the village that I’ve always been curious to go in and explore. So  I took the plunge and went in, dressed in my leggings, and trainers, goodness knows what the shop keeper must have thought!

Anyway to cut a long story short it was an Alladin’s Cave of Antiques and inspired my flash fiction Halloween themed story below:

The Halloween Brooch

Inside the shop I heard raised voices. I lunged in. The mysterious voices began to whisper. It was cramped, hardly room to move or breathe. Antiques jostled for my attention on over stacked shelves. I picked up a tiny painted brooch of a young girl crying. I heard a high pitched scream echoing, then riotous laughter. When I saw my reflection in an antique mirror, I wailed. A wrinkled granny stared back at me wearing the brooch, she cackled.

I hope you liked my creepy story!!

Bye for now.

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Marje @ Kyrosmagica. xx

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18 thoughts on “79 Words Story: The Halloween Brooch”

  1. Creepy hahaha
    I am a fairly serious jogger I check my heart rate and breathing u check my form I cross every I and dot every T hmm that can’t be correct but you can tell the heart is in the right place, somewhere in this here erm chestal area I write more than I run but run more than I walk and read more than I write.

  2. Great writing Marje. I’m loving your creepy stories. That antique shop sounds just the place I’d like to visit. However, I’m not so sure now. I’d hate to pick something up and then look in that scary mirror. Knowing my luck there would be no reflection and I’d find myself with two new pointy teeth when I leave the shop.🎃

    1. Ah, you’ve revealed a side of you I didn’t know existed Hugh! Pointy teeth hey! Glad you enjoyed the story. I’m staying away from the shop for a bit just in case!! The owner gave me his business card…… EEK!! 🙂

  3. I loved it!! You captured one scene and made it into a story that so much potential and left with questions, like “was the brooch cursed?” 😁. Great!!

      1. Great–no need to rush–I started as fast as I could but it’s been over a week since I was tagged…Nobody’s taking notes😊

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