Hugh’s Photo Challenge – Week 3 – What Lurks in The Shadows



Hugh had me well and truly stumped with this week’s photography challenge. I was on the verge of giving up when I had an idea to focus on an eerie shadow of myself amongst the autumn leaves. Yes, I’m now as creepy as it gets!!

Here’s the link if you’d like to join in:

What’s creepy about my shadow you might ask? The falling leaves of autumn and the stretching shadows that accompany some autumn days, are by their very nature quite melancholic. Yesterday I went for a walk through the village and I noticed a few hints of change. At the front pathway the red vibrant leaves of a neighbour’s plant that had crept through the fence into our garden now lay fallen, its once beautiful leaves dying. As well as this there were burnt edges of leaves still clinging to the trees, but many more had now given up there hold and were scattered by my feet, trampled on by passers by.

I photographed the leaves and the shadows that accompanied them. Here they are:








I’m fading away, my shadow that is, a bit like autumn itself!! Winter will soon be on its way, my least favourite season, the clocks have gone back so that’s a sign, the last hint of sunshine is being gobbled up by the shadow of autumn’s death which is fast on its way!


Hope you liked my photography for this week’s challenge.

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Bye for now. Only a few more days to Halloween, so ……


Marje @ Kyrosmagica xx






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15 thoughts on “Hugh’s Photo Challenge – Week 3 – What Lurks in The Shadows

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  1. Great photos, Marje. I was very tempted to post a photo of the shadows of Toby and myself for this challenge but then I went and took the photo that features on my post. You’ve captured some lovely Autumn moments in these photos and your shadow certainly gives a ghostly presence.

    Thank you so much for participating in the challenge. 🎃

    1. Thank you Hugh, you’re photo is great very mysterious! I struggled with this particular challenge, playing around with various different ideas. I will put some of my other ideas up on my Instagram at some point when I get a moment. Enjoyed taking part. 🙂

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