Today I am joining in with Ronovan’s Friday Fictions, a writing flash fiction challenge. Here’s the link to his blog if you’d like to join in too:

His prompt this week to :

Use the first line of one of your favorite songs and begin your story with that line. (REQUIRED)

  • Word count of no more than 300. (STRONGLY SUGGESTED but I don’t want you to let it get in the way of creativity.)
One of my favourite bands are Stereophonics and I just love Indian Summer, and so does my husband, though I think he fancies the girl in the video! That’s ok as I kind of fancy Kelly Jones so we sit there quite happily watching Indian Summer together!


My flash fiction challenge is inspired by the lyrics of Indian Summer.


Here’s my flash fiction challenge:


A Weeping Watercolour.

Every time that I see her, a lightning bolt fills the room. Fire floods my belly. I’m picking up the pieces, living each day alone. I try to hack it but I can’t handle it no more. This is a reservoir of loneliness with no escape.

Our poignant reunion, a gash in my heart. You went back to your jealous husband. I returned to my sad lonely home. Suicide fills my thoughts. I play a game of chance, tiptoeing on top of precarious ledges, hoping that I will fall. But the lover in me climbs back to safety, to life this life alone.

I long for one last kiss that’s all I desire. I lie. I need one moment to stroke your silky skin by the firelight. My longing letters remain unanswered. My words fall, tumbling like brushstrokes on a nude painting. I can see each contour of your skin as I pick up my paintbrush, longing to paint you again.

My painting is finished. I sit back and enjoy your company, dearest, I talk and you, you listen but you don’t reply, only your eyes smile at me, your body glowing with desire. If only you could climb out of the canvas and join me here by the fire. It is raging, roaring. The light from the fire longs to caress your skin, as I do, but your sad eyes stare at me, killing me with your thoughts.

How you love your husband.

How you will never leave him.

I have been a fool. I cannot bear this pain. So I tear your painting piece by piece, ripping it to shreds.

My tears fall, cleansing you from my mind, erasing the last shreds of your painting little by little until you are just a weeping watercolour, a foolish memory.

© Marjorie Mallon 2016 – aka, Kyrosmagica. All Rights Reserved.


Please do comment on my flash fiction I would appreciate your overall opinion, and any areas for improvement. Thanks.

Love can be such a destructive force if it is not returned. Or if love has left the happy home. A lonely wretched journey can follow. It always saddens me when I hear about friends suffering in such a way. If only we could erase the pain as easily as we create it in the first place. But life is never that simple. No magic carpet can carry it away…. If only.

That’s it. No more words.

Just a heartfelt wish for happiness for all my friends, and those suffering in such a way.

Hope to see you again soon, there is always a warm welcome here at Kyrosmagica.


Much love Marje @ Kyrosmagica xx

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10 thoughts on “FRIDAY FICTION with RONOVAN WRITES Prompt Challenge #11

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    1. Thanks Hugh. I was writing this piece of flash whilst thinking about someone I know who is going through a hard time at the moment and several of my close friends sadly have been through painful divorces too..

      1. Mt parents went through a painful divorce over 30 years ago and I remember how the pain affected the whole family. It was the first time I ever saw my father cry and it made me so, so sad.

      2. That is so sad Hugh, sorry to hear that. Rarely do divorces happen without any serious acrimony, pain and suffering and as you say it impacts upon the whole family. Children and young adults really do suffer when their parents split up.

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