Lucy at Blonde Write More tells us all about the amusing life of an author. Are you stuck in Procrastination Boulevard, or perhaps you spend too much time in Social Media Square. Wherever it is you hang out you are bound to recognise some of these writerly hot spots! Our end goal is always Literary Heights…. its a bit of a skyscraper journey but hopefully we’ll get there..


The Different Parts of Writing Town-2

For today’s post I have imagined that there is a place called Writing Town. It is where we all hang out on a daily basis.

For noting – this week I have had a stinking cold (bedridden) and this post was written whilst I had a temperature / on heavy duty cold medication – all of which took me to another place in my head – sigh!

So, Writing Town – what does it look like?

Well, I have drawn up some of the areas and districts which I think would exist in Writing Town:

  • Procrastination Boulevard – an exciting and vibrant part of town. It draws us all in and some of us struggle to stay away from its many bars, clubs and shops. There is such a good vibe to this place and a difficult place to leave. Some of us spend too much time here because it’s…

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