If We Were Having Coffee I’d have so much to say that quite possibly I might lose my voice!

It has been some week. My husband has been away skiing on his annual trip abroad with his male friends. This year they went to Ischgl in Austria , and unfortunately one of them had to get air lifted off the mountain in a helicopter. The poor chap had broken his shoulder in several places. So that wasn’t a particularly good start to the holiday week. Men and adrenalin! Speeding skis can be dangerous…

My mum and dad have been visiting Cambridge which has been very nice. We’ve been out for a lot of meals, and coffees this week. I was sad to see them go on Saturday, particularly when my dad said, “Bye my lovely girl,” as he left. That really touched me and I felt kind of weepy as they went. But I’m seeing them again soon, (it’s my mum’s birthday on 2nd of April and we are having a weekend away in Brighton to celebrate…)

We had a very odd dinner out on Friday night. My mum, dad, and my youngest daughter and her boyfriend came out with me for a meal to a local pub nearby. On the way there the car decided that it wasn’t really in the mood, and a nasty looking symbol lighted up on my dashboard, an engine warning light. This wasn’t looking good. Fortunately we managed to make it to the pub without incident. We began looking at the menu,  and then suddenly Georgina’s boyfriend alerted us to the fact that my mum had inadvertently popped the menu on top of a tiny little tealight candle and it was burning a perfect hole right through. There was much commotion, but we managed to put out the burning circle, thanks to G’s boyfriend’s quite wittedness! My dad went of on a mini tirade about how they shouldn’t put candles on tables as they are fire hazards…..  in between laughing and calming down dad we managed to decide on our chosen meals.

The waitress came to jot down our order and take away our menus. I have to say the burning smell was still lingering a bit…. but I don’t think she noticed that the burnt menu was slotted at the bottle of the pile by G’s boyfriend! Sitting immediately behind us were a family with young children. One, or perhaps was it two children, started to howl and dad being a typical man of his generation made a loud comment about how noisy they were!

Soon our meal arrived looking tasty, so that silenced us from further comment, and we calmed down, munching away quite happily.

Oh I forgot to mention the wine shenanigans. Take another sip of extra strength coffee – I must tell you about that! Mum and dad suggested ordering some wine, but G’s boyfriend said he wasn’t allowed alcohol in restaurants because of his age, and asked for a glass of water instead. Dad, being a somewhat eccentric old chap answered this with “A glass of water in a dirty glass?” Apparently this is a well known Grandfatherly joke as G’s boyfriend then said that his Grandad says this joke too! Or perhaps he was just being polite, can’t say I’ve ever heard of that one before! The tired looking waitress came to take  our plates away and inadvertently knocked over my dad’s wine glass, which crashed to the floor shattering to tiny little shards which spread everywhere. Luckily no one was hurt but the wine splashed on my black trousers! Of course I pretended that it hadn’t as she looked so mortified. It wasn’t red wine so no real harm done. She replaced dad’s glass of wine with an even larger glass of wine, that my mum and dad ended up sharing.

What a  first introduction to my extended family – I wonder whatever G’s boyfriend made of us! It was brave of him to come – he’s only fifteen, (but looks older,) my daughter’s sixteen! His age escaped my parents notice because on the way back was it my mum or dad that asked him if he’s learnt to drive yet…. Anyway, I’m glad to report that we got home safe and sound, with me at the wheel. It was a bit of a worry as we had to cross a railway track. I had visions of the engine cutting out just as we were crossing, and us having to abandon the car to the approaching train while we made a run for it. Which would be a frightening thought as my dad and mum can’t run but fortunately this didn’t happen. Cars, ugh, looks like the nuisance engine will have to make a visit to the garage….

That sounds like it should be the end of my If I Was Having Coffee post but no it’s not quite.. On Saturday I popped into town to meet an old friend of mine and we went to a favourite haunt of mine – Jamaican Blue, a lovely little coffee house/restaurant in Cambridge. It was nice catching up with my friend. Our daughters have been friends since infants so the pair of them went off shopping, while we sipped our lattes and had a chat. Anyway after a time I began to talk to my friend about the title of my novel, several possible names came to mind: The Crystal Cottage, Krystallos, The Golden Healer,  and then after we chatted some more I came up with a new possibility : The Curse of Time. She liked it. I liked it. Somehow The Curse of Time has a certain ring to it … do let me know if you like the sound of it.

So that’s it more or less, my first If We Were Having Coffee post. I’ve been meaning to do one of these for ages. I am a right old chatterbox once you get to know me…

If you’d like to join in with Diana’s Weekend Coffee Share  at Part Time Monster here’s the link:


Bye for now, time to chill, it’s Sunday after all. Have a lovely restful day.


Marje @ Kyrosmagica xx



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  1. The Curse of Time suggests a less passive experience than the other titles – so I suspect it’s more likely to attract an audience. The title is important, so you’re right to get other opinions, Marje – just make sure that you get more than mine!

    1. Thanks Graeme – yes the title is so important. It will also have an impact on the book cover art, which is on my mind at the moment, so it has to be right. Thanks for your thoughts. Perhaps I will do one of those polls? Not sure how to do them but no doubt I could learn…

      1. I can’t help you with polls, but it looks like you’re already starting to get some feedback. Depending on your timescales, perhaps you could just take the opportunity to ask a bunch of writers at the Bloggers Bash (it’s only weeks away now!).

  2. I seriously like the title; it feels like something I’ve heard before…but not quite sure..definitely grabs my attention! Wow, what a dinner party…and how mature of your daughter’s boyfriend to attend, I’m very impressed. Glad your husband was okay in the trip but too bad about the other guy…think I’ll stick to walk! Have a lovely Sunday. 😀

    1. I think the first chapter of Pirates of the Caribbean might of been The Curse of Time… hopefully it will be okay to use the same for my novel title… Yes he’s a very mature young man, he even missed a friend’s party to come along. Very sweet of him. Glad to see my daughter is choosing well. Yes, I’m sticking to Tai chi and walking, skiing isn’t for me, I gave it up some time ago. Happy Sunday Annika. 🙂

  3. Sounds like quite the night out! At least you have something you can laugh about.

    The Curse of Time works as a title.

    It’s nice to see you on the coffee share. I hope you become a regular!

  4. I like the sound of ‘The Curse of Time,’ Marje, it sounds rather dramatic, as though there is a lot going on.
    Your night out with the family had me laughing my head off. Your dad sounds just like my mum! 🙂

    1. Thanks for your advice about the title Judy. Yes you’re quite perceptive as there is a lot going on in the novel. My dad is not short of character – sounds like your mum is too! What an evening! Glad it made you laugh too.. 🙂

  5. Welcome to Weekend Coffee Share 🙂
    The Engine light…ugggg! Mine comes on when the gas cap doesn’t click the proper number of times after I put gas in the car. I either have to fill up again and make sure it clicks or unhook the battery for a minute or two then hook it back up *shrug*. The car’s on its way out anyway so I’m not too worried.

  6. Nice to meet you and readabout your adventures with car and restaurants. I read mostly cozy mysteries and review any book I read. I have plenty to keep reading for awhile.

  7. Hi Marje, thanks for coffee and glad you decided to join us for a cuppa. I like the curse of time as a title also. Exciting place to be doing the edit in readiness. I never seem to get past the editing stage but I am hopeful. G’s boyfriend probably loved the night with all its ups and downs. Probably put him right at ease. Glad no-one was hurt in the process of fires and train crossings and noisy children… My brother and his kids live in Switzerland and are constantly putting videos of their skiing escapades on facebook which put the fear of everything into me. Now I know why. Glad they got him off the mountain.

    1. Thanks Irene, it’s been fun. Thank you about the feedback re: the title. Yes, thank goodness my hubby’s friend managed to get off the mountain okay it’s definitely a worry how fast they go.

  8. Love your little coffee chat here Marje. You are a busy beaver, lol. I do like your latest title! Hope your hub is home (or almost home) safely. 🙂

    1. Thanks Debby, it was fun joining in.. Thanks for the feedback about the title – looks like I will probably go with that. My hubbies home and fine thanks, thank heavens. How’s yours? Hope he is well now. x

      1. Thanks for asking Marje. Every day is a baby step. He still has a ways to go with many tests and doctor appointments ahead through April. I need to get through these next weeks so I can breathe again. 🙂 xo
        So glad your hub is home and well. A good reminder to be grateful for the things we take for granted. <3

    1. Ha Ha!! Perhaps Ramona… I do try to live life to the full… every second counts. This weekend’s been a lot more normal… no fires… Off to London tomorrow though, and Brighton at the weekend that might be exciting!! 🙂

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