Hugh’s Photo Challenge Week 21 – Fresh


This week I thought I’d have a go at Hugh’s Photo Challenge – the prompt word this week is Fresh. I had just the photo in mind, flowers….. I like to photograph flowers.

The bouquet below was a gift from my friend who came to mine for dinner a while ago. I like to photograph flowers when they’re still fresh and beautiful. I always think it’s sad when they die so this is my way to preserve them, and  keep them fresh for me to remember them at their very best. That way when I look at them I remember the occasion too, which is always nice, a lovely memory to retain.


My friend and her daughter came round one evening for a meal, I went all Jame Oliver on them and made lots of fresh Italian food from scratch with fresh herbs, salad, and pasta!

It was a blast. Loved the company, the food and of course the beautiful flowers!

Here’s the photo of the salad (to the left,) it was so fresh, and inviting:  peppers, tomatoes, kalamata olives, oregano, cucumber,  and Greek feta…. It had a very fancy name:

Horiatiki salad

WP_20160312_002       InstagramCapture_c14db254-6a58-42c7-b73a-b98d1c0c71c8

I made Gennaro’s parma ham and red pepper with taglierini:

To the right is my photo of the sauce. I’m afraid the photo didn’t quite do it justice. It was yum.

Enjoy!! There’s nothing quite like sharing home cooked food made with fresh herbs and love.

Oh, before I go I have some news for you. I’ve been particularly inspired recently and have been editing my WIP. (So I haven’t had so much time for blogging, apologies if I haven’t been taking part in all of my usual weekly activities. I’m really missing my haiku, writer’s quotes, blog battle, etc…… So I’m trying to do what I can when I can….)

Amazingly my WIP now stands at 84,338 words!! My baby has grown so much! It’s putting on weight, getting plump. I’m getting it ready for the final read with beta readers…. And I’m so much more confident with its progress…..

It’s now on Wattpad, and I’ve decided on a title.  Doing a happy dance… 

The Curse of Time. :

Don’t be shy. Do have a read, comment… and share.

Thanks so much! I’ve really been touched by the enormous amount of support and encouragement I’ve had from the blogging community.

Love ya! xxx




Don’t forget to pop over to Hugh’s blog to join in the weekly photography fun:

Do you like to photograph flowers too? And cook food? What’s your favourite types of food?

Do comment, I’d love to hear from you.

Bye for now, Happy Sunday, Happy dreams – fresh flowers and food!




Marje @ Kyrosmagica xx

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30 thoughts on “Hugh’s Photo Challenge Week 21 – Fresh

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  1. Flipping heck Marje….the more I learn the more I find still waters run deep…dragged in by such sharp defined images (truly wonderful might I add) to find blog battles, challenges, a novel, huge social everywhere thingamies…and watt pad….this looks interesting…what the heck is that and is it useful for promoting your writing.

    I may sign up just to get a heads up on your work now too!!

    1. Thanks for the comment Gary. I’m new to Wattpad, just started it on 31st March. I think it’s useful for promoting my writing – at least I hope so! I find it quite helpful to see each chapter as a separate entity – helpful for editing.

      1. You are most welcome. I might have a look at that now too. I’m in the final stages of draft four on my book and hoping to complete it this week. But with several other projects on the go that site sounds like it could be useful. Promoting is key though and if it works let me know and I’ll join you there 😇

      2. Thank you and the very best of luck with yours…although if I sign up…I could get a preview 😁

    1. Thanks Hugh.. It was a lovely evening hope to do it again before too long! It went down a treat with the girls too! It was an old family friend of mine and her daughter who came round. Both of the girls are 16 so pasta was a great choice.

  2. Such a bright burst of colour with the flowers – glorious. Then you post the sumptuous photos of the food and descriptions – yummy. I love olives and have started to put them in most things – not that anyone is complaining! Then a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS on coming so far with your book – I love the title and am so excited for you. I’ve only recently started to take note of wattpad – but can’t quite get to grasp with its benefit. Do you sell your book on there or are they all on there for free? Stupid question probably…

    1. Thank you Annika. I like olives too! As far as Wattpad goes I’m new to this myself. As far as I can see books go on there for free, but I thought I might just put the prologue and first few chapters up to see what kind of reaction I get, rather than posting the whole lot…. I have seen other authors just putting up a prologue, and nothing else. Or another option is to put up their first book for free as a teaser to get people to buy their future novels. On the whole I’d say that Wattpad is mainly for those who want to share stories for free, to build and audience, and make on-line writing friends. Hope that answers your question? Marje 🙂

      1. Thank you, Marje – you are always so clear in your answers – this is a big help. I’ll see what I do…I’m always concerned with the social media side of things eating into my time…but will definitely take a look.

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