Bloggers Bash Friday Madness!!


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The Bloggers Bash is so near I can feel the adrenalin mounting with each second. The comments on Facebook are escalating minute by minute bringing us closer and closer to the big day! The general term I would use to refer to this phenomenon is excitement!! Pure and simple…

So to calm myself down today I am writing my own personal list. I thought I might as well share this with you –

My Totally Serious List of What To Bring To The Blogger’s Bash:

  1. Depending on the British Weather: sun cream, sunhat, raincoat, umbrella, tarpaulin, or if all else fails enlist Zeus to help you, he’s the King of The Gods, he should be able to sort out the sky.  If Zeus is busy, sigh…
  2. Your travel tickets! Passport. Bus Pass. Helicopter Ride. Parachute. I’m going by train – off to pick up my tickets this afternoon so I’m ready… I swear those ticket machines at the little train station I travel from see me coming. They tend to be a bit uncooperative, or have a long queue if I’m in a hurry so I’m going to trick them into behaving by turning up early.
  3. Clothes. Yes this is a necessity folks. At least some form of attire is required. Preferably whatever you feel comfortable in. Don’t turn up in a formal suit and tie, or a kilt, or a scratchy jumper unless you really want to!
  4. Shoes. Still to decide on this too.. If you wear heels all the time and can walk in them without waddling then do feel free. I have enough trouble walking on little heels so I’m not going to turn up with stilettos! Oh damn I just got rid of those bright purple Doc Martins..
  5. Snacks. Choccies.. This has been mentioned already numerous times but in my book treats of any kind are always welcome. Make sure we have enough sugar!
  6. A Camera to record the event.. Don’t forget to clear your memory if it is full. This memory tip via Suzie Speaks..  Just make sure you don’t erase your own thoughts while you’re doing it – that could make conversation a little tricky.
  7. ChangeMonopoly money. Things to barter with. Oh I do hope I don’t forget this one… This afternoon I’m off for coffee with a few friends after work so hope I manage to get some change then. My daughter keeps on raiding my pennies for bus fares..
  8. Hard Cash. IOU’s. Following on from no. 7. Bring some hard cash too, share it around it will be welcomed!
  9. Handbag.. Clutch purse. Bum bag.  This is open to whoever would like to bring one – so guys don’t feel left out! I’ve opted for a snazzy little black number. Yes I’ve decided about my handbag before my clothes and shoes, they’ve got some catching up to do!
  10. Sword. Martial Arts moves. Bodyguard. You do meet some funny folks in London. It might be wise.
  11. Makeup. Fancy nails… face paint.. Body armour whatever you feel like, just don’t frighten anyone away!
  12. A Book. What? This one’s for book addicts, myself included, just in case you have a long journey, or a short journey, or no journey at all. Book addicts always carry books. Fact.
  13. Mints, floss, toothpicks. Don’t forget to brush your teeth, just in case you do forget pack those extra strength mints. You know that piece of green vegetation that always gets stuck in your teeth needs to be removed fast!
  14. A husky dog, a wild cat, or a squirrel. Ah that would have been nice – would have been a plus for the photos but sorry no pets allowed. But any mythical creatures are welcomed, especially dragons.
  15. Glasses. No not pint glasses. Spectacles – this is a necessity for folks like me who can’t see a darn thing without them. Note to self: Don’t fall asleep the night before with your specs on and break them.
  16. Business Cards. Thanks for this one Hugh… If you haven’t got any come tattooed on your forehead with your blog name..

17, 18  and 19 for when it is going off kilter….. 19, 20 we’re back on track!

17. Geoff’s fabulous travel directions.      Plus mobile phone numbers of others who are coming to the bash in case you get lost.

18. Tissues. This has been suggested before too – for the tearful farewell.  But I have a habit of getting teary sometimes due to hay fever so perhaps I should bring more..

19. Booze and remedies. After all that you might need some Bach’s Rescue Remedy or a stiff drink, a glass of wine, or a cocktail.

20. Bloggers Unite. Remember we are all bound to get on famously as we’re all bloggers! No one else understands our weird obsession. So new blogging buddies don’t worry we are a friendly bunch. Hugs will be plentiful just don’t creep up on anyone unawares..

21. Yippee we’re nearly there!

Can’t wait to see all you lovely bloggers on Saturday.


Bye for now,



Marje @  Kyrosmagica xx

My fun (totally not serious but nevertheless 90% true,) author bio on Wattpad – Link below.

Marjorie Mallon was born in Lion City: Singapore. She grew up in a mountainous court in Hong Kong. Her crazy parents dragged her  spotty soul away from her exotic childhood and her much loved dog Topsy to the frozen wastelands of Scotland. There she mastered Scottish country dancing, haggis bashing, bagpipe playing and a whole new Och Aye lingo. 
As a teenager she travelled to many far flung destinations to visit her abacus wielding wayfarer dad. On one such occasion a  barracuda swam by. It stopped to view her  bikini clad body, longing to take a big bite. With dogs' fangs replacing barracudas' teeth, she returned to her mother's birthplace: Kuching, Cat City. There, Blackie, a black-hearted dog sniffed her frightened butt, whimpered and ran away! Shortly after this extraordinary event an angry female Orang-Utan chased her unfit ass out of the Malaysian jungle believing that she was a threat to her babies! She still monkeys about, would love to own a cat, or a replacement Topsy but refuses to entertain  murderous dogs, or over-protective monkeys.
It's rumoured that she lives in the Venice of Cambridge, with her six foot hunk of a Rock God husband, and her two enchanted daughters. 
After such an upbringing her author's mind has taken total leave of its senses. When she's not writing, she eats exotic delicacies while belly dancing, or surfs to the far reaches of the moon. To chill out she practises Tai Chi and Yoga on the crest of a wave. If the mood takes her she goes snorkelling with mermaids, or signs up for idyllic holidays with the Chinese Unicorn, whose magnificent voice sings like a thousand wind chimes. 

She is a child of the light and the dark. Her motto is simply this: Do what you love,  stay true to your heart's desires, remain young at heart, and  inspire others to do so, even if it appears that the odds are stacked like black hearted shadows against you...


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8 thoughts on “Bloggers Bash Friday Madness!!

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      1. Was great to see you again, Marje. Hope you had a great time. Can’t believe how quickly the day went. See you on 10th June 2017 for The Third Annual Bloggers Bash 😃
        P.S – Welsh chocolate arriving tomorrow. I’d love to send you some. Message me your address on Twitter message if you want a bar. There’s no way I’m going to be able to eat it all.

      2. Yes it was great to see you too Hugh, had such a wonderful day and evening. Shall be putting June 10th in my diary for next year. Thanks for the P.S. about the Welsh chocolate will DM you my address! When would I ever say no to chocolate? !!!

  1. Awesome post, Marje – makes me wish I were there! Even without Hugh’s Welsh chocolate, it sounds as though you guys are definitely poised for a good old fun bonanza! 🙂 Pics, pls!!!

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