I’m thrilled to say that I’ve won an ad slot on Jenny in Neverland’s blog in November – how cool is that! This is truly awesome. I’m so looking forward to having this opportunity for some promotion. Especially, as by then hopefully I’ll have my novel ready to be published! It is currently with my second beta reader, my daughter Natasha (who writes also, and reads a lot too!) for edits, and then will come back to me for final edits. Before this, it was beta read by Graeme Cumming who did a wonderful job of the first draft edits. Thank you so much Graeme for all your help. Graeme blogs at: Graeme Cumming. Do check out the review that I did for his book Ravens Gathering:

So here it is the tweet with the good news!

Jenny is doing some wonderful posts on Mental Health Awareness Week so do pop over to her blog to support her in this very important and worthy cause. I just checked out her blog and found a massive amount of book giveaways! Here’s a link to that post to see what I mean: Jenny in Neverland Mental Health Awareness Week Giveaways.

I have more good news to tell you, but I’m keeping that for another post…

Bye for now,


Marje @ Kyrosmagica xx