The Spam Monster

This is for all of you have come under the threat of the spam monster. It has been quite a problem recently for several bloggers, our well intentioned comments not appearing on blogs…. So I wrote this little poem with that and Halloween in mind.

The Spam Monster

It’s all hallows eve,

You’ve no time for a pet peeve,

The wretched spam monster making curds,

Of your well thought out words.


He insidiously turns your comments into mush,

Sweeps them all away with a hot-wired brush,

He’s all wires and circuitry,

His gadgetry puts you into purgatory.


But, don’t fret, don’t worry, help is at hand,

The Happiness Engineers Askimet band,

Party together, they’ll help you out.

No need to storm, stamp, and shout!


Stick your perky pumpkin by your computer,

Light it with a ferocious candle to neuter,

That bloody spam monster with his big hooter,

Mr snooty, snotty, snooper.

© Marjorie Mallon 2016 – aka, Kyrosmagica. All Rights Reserved.

If you need any help with this problem Hugh has written a great post how to contact the Askimet engineers – here’s the link: Hughs Views And News: What To Do If your Comments Are Ending Up in Spam Folders

Bye for now,

Hope you liked the silly poem!


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34 thoughts on “The Spam Monster

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    1. Thank you Ritu. I’ve been meaning to write this for a while and just decided to do it today as it’s Halloween tomorrow! I’ll also be writing a piece of flash fiction tomorrow too. Like to join in the Halloween fun. 🙂

  1. Very good…although my first word association was to say….not dwelling on this particular annoyance are we Marje lol.

    Mind you, joking aside it is flipping annoying. If unnoticed it has the habit of making one feel totally ignored and filled with sadness. As I did after seeing your post a while back, checking my spam and finding a wonderful comment by you sitting there all on its own!

      1. Terrible to hear Marje. The mind is a law unto itself upon matters that lead to solitary exile…something my blacksmith coukd empathise with in Dragon Stone.

        I do try hard to ensure an eye is kept open for old (as in time known rather than suggesting we are all ancient…just to be clear) blogging friends. Every now and then we all taste the aloneness in the mighty blogosphere we call home!

    1. A few very kind people mentioned they found me in there spam folder. It’s always worth checking to see if any of your blogging friends are lurking there. I think it’s resolved but won’t swear to it!

      1. Oh they have been emailing privately, but there still is no fix for whatever is causing this mess. So, we waste our tie and keep doing their job lol

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