#Weekend Coffee Share: My birthday and Other News…


Welcome to Kyrosmagica,

Pull up a cosy chair and get comfortable –  I have so much to tell you. It has been quite a week of colourful excitement, fun and frolics.  It’s been my birthday week so let me suggest a mug of hot chocolate topped with chocolate drizzled marshmallows…. Why not? Or if you fancy a Martini Espresso do join me in a moment…

In the meantime what about a journey back  in time in my special phone booth… I am getting older by the minute… on the bright side I’m not as ancient as these dinosaurs


We have a tradition in my family – my mum and dad decided that birthdays should last longer than a day. So when it’s anyone’s birthday we celebrate for a whole darn week! Not just a single day, we like to make it last, and last and last, …. ad infinitum.

So my fun week started off last Sunday with a trip to London with my two daughters. We made quite a day of it visiting Camden food market, (eating yummy Beef Rendang – which is a spicy Malaysian dish,) walking along the river from Camden food market, and then taking a bus to Covent garden, as the tube station was shut. My poor wee legs.

Here’s some photos that I’d like to share with you.

My keen photographer daughter Georgina is on the right clutching her camera, Natasha is to the left of her, our model for the day!


What about a little oriental charm along the way?  A beautiful Chinese restaurant that we discovered floating on the water! http://www.fengshang.co.uk/


We were in search of graffiti to photograph and we found plenty.


Sometimes you need someone special in the foreground to make it especially interesting….


What else did I do this week?

  • I went to a make up evening with my youngest daughter – the launch party for the new John Lewis beauty hall which was great fun. I nearly won the raffle prize but unfortunately I lost it by one number. My raffle ticket was something like 365, and the winning number was 364. A bit of a disappointment – but life isn’t all about winning, is it? It’s about experiences. Doing the things you love with the family and friends you love. That’s what truly counts.
  • I bought a couple of new books at Ruth Hatfield’s book launch. I’ve got a bit of catching up to do, I read the first in this series a while ago:

My review of The Book of Storms by Ruth Hatfield


  • I went out for a lovely birthday lunch with my hubby, and youngest daughter.

So before this week ends I’d just like to raise a glass to you, my followers, to thank you for your  continued support in this here blog. It means the world to me. In fact I’d love to raise a glass of Espresso Martini to you.

Cheers. Love ya..from the real me, no cartoon this time!




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  1. I’m elated that you had a lovely birthday! I would have enjoyed all of those memories as well! And now I have! Thank you!

    Wishing you a year filled with lovely family time and fabulous health!

  2. Hi I will have one of those cocktails please. Happy Birthday what a lovely week you have had! I love Camden Market too! I used to do If we were having coffee but I have let it slip lately. Thanks for sharing.. shall we have another of those cocktails?😊

  3. A whole week? Wow, way to go, Marje. Sounds like you had the perfect birthday week. Glad you had a fab time. I’ll raise a glass of red to you this evening.
    Wishing you another fab week ahead. 🎂

  4. Happy Birthday, Marje. I love your family’s idea of a week of celebrations. It was my husband’s 50th Birthday yesterday and we went out for an unforgettable French dinner on Saturday night where each and each flavour was considered and it really was a taste sensation. Yesterday, we sang happy birthday at Church and then had a few people over for an impromptu afternoon tea.
    I feel like I need tonight to actually spend some time with my husband because all of this celebrating and cleaning the house, meant we didn’t get much time together.
    I could easily justify a week of celebrations!!
    xx Rowena

      1. Thanks, Marje. I decided to make him a special dinner tonight because we were raced off our feet over the weekend. Of course, nothing goes smoothly. I threw my handbag in the boot with the groceries and slammed it shut with the keys inside. Bright spark. So, I ended up waiting for my husband to come home and it’s now 8.15 and with any luck, we’ll have dinner before 9.00PM. It better be good! xx Rowena

  5. A belated Happy Birthday – what a special day…week.😀😀 We also tend to spread birthdays out across a few days. The time with your girls looks so special and lovely photos of you all. I just ask – is that phone booth in your house?! Cool!! Skål! 🍹

    1. Thanks Annika. No the photo booth is in London. It would be cool to have it in our back yard! We had a very special time. I’ve got the week off work this week so catching up on friends, and doing some editing, etc.

      1. My mother was involved in helping buy phone booths for friends in America when they were being sold off; that is why I wondered if you had one by any chance. Yeah to your week off!!

  6. Happy birthday to you, Marje! Glad you had a lovely birthday week. Your parents are right–birthdays should last longer than a day! I’ve never tasted a Martini Espresso 🙂 Your London photos are gorgeous, and so is your daughter!

    Have a great week! #weekendcoffeeshare @ mi.vidyasury.com

  7. Your birthday tradition is a fun one. These pics show you must have been having a good time. I also am trying my first martini espresso..good thing it is digital since it is early morning and not yet time to cocktail here. Cheers! Thanks! and Happy Birthday to YOU

  8. Happy, happy birthday! A birthday WEEK sounds like a marvelous idea 🙂 And you look so pretty in those photos – I love your smile! I’m thinking we should have those mugs of hot chocolate with a bit of Bailey’s in them 😉 Cheers!

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