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My A – Z list of book reviews has become so big and unwieldy that I’m in the process of splitting it into two lists. I have a whopping 125 reviews on my Goodreads page: Marje’s Goodreads Page

So with this in mind I’m splitting it alphabetically into two. You can find the A – M list here: Kyrosmagica A – M Book Reviews

It doesn’t quite divide perfectly so I thought what better place to begin than to start with an N… that’s the beginning of my eldest daughters name – Natasha – and she’s a bookworm too.

Clare Mackintosh I Let You Go. 5 stars. Genre: Psychological Thriller.

Effrosyni Moschoudi. The Lady of The Pier – The Ebb (The lady of the Pier #1)  4 stars. Genre: Paranormal Romance:

Jandy Nelson. I’ll Give You The Sun. 5 stars. Genre: YA, Contemporary, Romance, GLBT.

Patrick Ness. The Knife of Never Letting Go. 5 stars. Genre: YA, Dystopia, Science Fiction, Fantasy.

Garth Nix.

Old Kingdom series:

Sabriel. 4 stars. Genre: Fantasy, YA, Fiction, Magic, Adventure.

 Lirael. 4 stars. Genre: Fantasy, YA, Fiction, Magic, Adventure.

Abhorsen. 5 stars. Genre: Fantasy, Ya, Fiction, Magic, Adventure.

Ruth Ozeki. A tale for the Time Being. 5 stars. Genre: Literary Fiction, Japan, Historical Fiction, Magical Realism.

Philip Paris. The Italian Chapel. 4.5 stars. Genre: Italy, Historical, Scotland, War.

Caroline Peckham. Creeping Shadow. 4 stars. Genre: YA Fantasy.

Stephanie Perkins.

Isla And The Happily Ever After. 4 stars. Genre: YA, Contemporary, Romance..

Lola and The Boy Next Door. 4 stars. Genre: YA, Contemporary, Romance.

Jodi Picoult. The Storyteller. 4 stars. Genre: Fiction, Historical Fiction, WW2, Holocaust.

Matt Powers. Ghosts of Manor House 4 stars. Genre: Paranormal, Ghosts, Horror.

Frank Prem. Voices in The Trash 5 stars. Genre: Poetry/Picture Book.

Book Review – Walk Away Silver Heart by Frank Prem #love #poetry

Frank Prem #Poetry #Review – A Kiss For The Worthy

Book Review: The New Asylum: a memoir of psychiatry

Book Review of Devil In The Wind by Frank Prem #Poetry #BlackSaturday #Wildfires

Sara Raasch. Snow Like Ashes. 4.5 stars. Genre: Fantasy, YA, Magic.

Kathy Reichs. The Bone Collection. 4.5 stars. Genre: Mystery, Fiction, Short Story, Crime, Forensic Anthropology, Thriller.

Daniel Royse. The Watermelon King. 4.5 stars. Genre: Fiction, Travel, Cultural – Africa.

Rick Riordan. The Lightning Thief.  3.75 stars. Genre: Fantasy, YA, Mythology.

Caroline Roberts. The Cosy Teashop in The Castle. 4 stars. Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Chick lit.

Hugh W. Roberts. Glimpses. 4 stars. Genre: Short story compilation: Ghost, LGBT, Horror, Drama, Science Fiction, Comedy, Fantasy, Supernatural, Thriller:

Nicholas Rossis. Runaway Smile. 5 stars. Genre: Children.

Rainbow Rowell:

Fangirl 4.5 stars. Genre: YA, Mental Health, Love Story, Romance.

Landline. 3.75 stars. Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Adult.

Eleanor and Park. 4 stars: Genre:  YA, Romance, Contemporary.

Benjamin Alire Sáenz Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of The Universe. 5 stars. Genre: YA, LGBT, Contemporary, Romance.

Brandon Sanderson. Mistborn. 5 stars. Genre: Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, Magic.

Terri Webster Schrandt. Better Blogging With Photography. 5 stars. Genre: Guidebook – Photography/Blogging.

Victoria Schwab.

A Darker Shade of Magic.  4.5 stars. Genre: Fantasy, YA, Magic.

The Archived. 4 stars. Genre: Fantasy, YA, Paranormal.

The Unbound. 5 stars. Genre: YA, Fantasy, Paranormal.

 Vicious. 4 stars. Genre: YA, Superhero, Science Fiction, Paranormal:

S C Skillman. Mystical Circles 4 stars. Genre: Mysticism, Mystery, Spirituality, Romance.

Robin Sloan. Mr Penumbras 24 Hour Bookstore. 3.5 stars. Genre: Mystery, Fantasy, Books about Books.

Dodie Smith. I Capture The Castle. 4 stars. Genre: Fiction, Classics, Young Adult, Romance.

Maggie Stiefvater The Raven Boys. 4.5 stars. Genre: YA, Fantasy, Paranormal.

Awen Thornber. Foxtrot in Freshby. 4 stars. Genre: Romance:

Vashti Quiroz-Vega Fall of Lilith. 5 stars. Genre: Dark Fantasy.

Vashti Quiroz-Vega Son of the Serpent. 5 stars. Genre: Dark Fantasy:

Ned Vizinni. It’s A Funny Kind Of Story. 5 stars. Genre: YA, Contemporary, Mental Health.

Ivan Vladislavic. Double Negative. 4 stars. Genre: Literary Fiction, Contemporary, Photography.

Andy Weir. The Martian. 5 stars. Genre: Science Fiction, Adventure.

D. Dominik Wickles. Hong Kong Treasure. 3 Stars. Genre: Romance, Asia.

Shelley Wilson. The Phantom’s Curse. 4 stars. Genre: Fantasy, YA, Middle Grade.

Lisa Williamson. The Art of Being Normal. 5 stars. Genre: YA, Contemporary, GLBT.

Evie Wyld. All The Birds Singing. 4.5 stars. Genre: Fiction, Mystery, Contemporary, Australia.

Nicola Yoon. Everything Everything. 3.75 stars. Genre: YA, romance, Contemporary.

Malala Yousafzai and Christina Lamb. 5 stars. I am Malala: The Story of the Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by The Taliban.

Also Special Interest:

Dan Mayfield. Jasper and The Magpie. 4 stars. Genre: Special Interest, Children’s, Autistic Spectrum.

Clare G Harvey. The Practitioners Encyclopaedia Of Flower Remedies: Genre: Health, Alternative Therapies. Flower Remedies.

Happy Reading….I sense this list will grow and grow and grow, a bit like Jack’s beanstalk..

Bye for now,



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  1. What an amazingly fulsome feast of a post!!!! That must have taken some putting together! And just right for the subject of EXTRA!!!! Thank you for joining our Photo Challenge. I love putting it together with Ron’s Haiku Prompts. We have a new list coming up with all 52 subjects set out for the coming year, we’d love to have you join us as and when the mood or muse fits in. Those cakes look SO delicious, they are making me hungry! xx

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