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Today I’d like to step back in time and look at my very first post on this blog:

Writer’s Journey How Did It All Happen?

What magical ingredients made me become a blogger/writer? I think if I was doing a  sum it would be a strange black cat, plus a book: (Dorian Gray,) add some thoughts about art and lots and lots of reading. No minus equations allowed, creativity always involves a stack of pluses and no negativity!

Recently my eldest daughter asked me for some old photos of her when she was little for a project she is currently doing for University. So I opened my large oriental camphor wood chest and we had a lovely time searching through many photos. I came across a really cute photo of my cat Chester when he was a tiny, adorable kitten, and I was a mere slip of a girl. I realised that my very first post on this blog is missing a very important ingredient. What could that be? An easy answer – some delightful old photos of my much-loved cat Chester. He was such a magnificent fellow, and I loved him very much, so let me share them with you….

Me with Chester, looking all energetic!!!


Here he is exploring interesting little hiding places:


And he had an inquisitive nature:



This is how magnificent he was when he grew up! This photo doesn’t quite do him justice, he really was a handsome fellow, with striking markings and a character to match.



If you’d like to join in with my bloggers monthly link up, please draw attention to your old posts  by writing a short blog post as I have done and then add your links to the comment field of this post. If you wish you may use the photo at the top of this post as your blog post header. All link up posts will go up on the second Thursday of the month, and join in whenever you want. No pressure!

Also if you wish you can link your posts to a popular hastag  #Throwback Thursday #THT or if you’re posting on a Friday #FBF #FlashbackFriday. These are great link ups for old photos, or memorabilia…

More about that here: Lifewire – Throwback Thursday

Shake out your old posts and give them a new lease of life.

Bye for now from less energetic grown up me!!!




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  1. Ahh…what a striking inquisitive cat! Chester’s markings and colouring are so unusual, eyes bright and alert – how could you have forgotten to mention him!

    1. Yes, there is an element of that Geoff!! I’m updating some of my old posts.. and dredging up old photos! It’s quite nice looking through them, found a really nice one of my dad and I… it’s his birthday soon, thinking of sending it to him. We both looked a lot younger. I was about fourteen, he was a very sprightly with curly hair, and no grey… Sigh, how time flies.

  2. Chester was a very handsome looking fellow. I’m not sure how old you are in that photograph, but when I was about 14 or so, I had a cat that looked very similar to Chester. His name was Pippin and he was a very affectionate cat. He thought he was a dog and used to walk with me around the garden.

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