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This week Colleen asked us to check out this blog to find out what kind of tree we are! Being a huge nature and tree fan I couldn’t resist!

Here’s the link. https://onetreeplanted.org/pages/what-kind-of-tree-are-you

Outcome: I am apparently a REED, The inquisitor – a secret keeper who digs to discover the real meaning and truth of things. And guess what… I love a good story!



Recently, I was in Manchester visiting my daughter, travelling around the city on trams, happily eavesdropping. Yes, I admit it, being nosy is one of my favourite pastimes!

On one tram, a group of young men were chatting about their late night. One said, “I hope you are not going to bend me like a pretzel again tonight like last night…”

Ha ha! Well, let’s just say, my author’s imagination was doing crazy somersaults imagining what he meant by this! It seems to be an acrobatic thing… tiktok, google and see. And has some sexual connotations?

I have written another poem which I intend to include in a poetry collection I’m currently working on with a sensual/love/humour theme. More about that later… It’s in early draft stages at the moment.

So, for now, this is the tame version of Bend it Like a Pretzel… The Clue On The Tram.. A Reed, Pretzels and Lads.

Abhanga are written in any number of 4-line stanzas with 6-6-6-4 syllables each. L2 and L3 rhyme. The end rhyme scheme is abbc. Don’t forget to title your poem. 

The Clue on The Tram… A Reed, Pretzels and Lads

Hey! Want to… guess my tree?

It’s bound to be a reed

Of course it is, indeed!

Count on it dear!


I confess, so obsessed,

Eavesdropping is my thrill,

I always crave my fill,

Give it to me!


Now, let me say, how odd,

Whatever can that mean?

Crazy! Is this a dream?

Or a new fad?


Bend it like a pretzel…

What an odd phrase to use!

Could it be from Youtube?

No! Manchester.


Lads after a night out,

Mind boggles twists and turns,

Drunken schenanigans,

Loose talk ears prick,


I can’t help it, love it!

More gossip, let’s indulge,

Cool stories, let them bulge.

More, let’s write more!

To join in the challenge:

Enjoy these pics of Manchester…

Of trees and forests…

Here is one of my collections devoted to trees and magic!

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  1. Such an enjoyable post, Marje. Thanks for sharing your exciting adventure in the city. Manchester has a lot of tall buildings and they all look new!

  2. I’m over from BMF… anothe ‘reed’. We are a curious lot are we not?
    People watching (and listening in…) I get that!
    Years ago while walking on a coast beach boardwalk I hear a young gent on his (older model) cell phone claim; “That little blue pill isn’t doing it for me anymore…”
    Good greif A) how would he get ‘them’ and b) why would he need them in the first place. That’s a pretzel of a question!! 😀

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