Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge #26


Colleen’s prompt words this week are : Earth and Water. I decided to stick with the Tanka form, but you can write either a Tanka, Haiku or a Haibun.

Very saddened to hear about the terrorist atrocity in London’s Westminster this Wednesday. So my Tanka this week reflects that mood.

I contemplate EARTh,LonG to hold it Tight, and Safe,But to No Avail,


Here’s the link to Colleen’s challenge:

Let’s hope that the days to follow do not bring any further distress.

Take care,  much love,




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14 thoughts on “Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge #26

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    1. Yes, I just don’t know anymore… it gets to the point that you just want to barricade yourself in your home and not go anywhere. But, we can’t live our lives like that. Life has to go on… but it does make me worry. 🙁

  1. Poignant Marje and sad that inspiration for this Tanka came from (censored) tragedy. I agree with your reply to Terri entirely!

    1. Sadly, I felt pretty intense when I wrote it. Life has a way of doing that to you from time to time. I am all about the light and the dark, and this was definitely a dark moment.

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