Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge # 33 – CLEAN & SHARP


For this week’s poetry challenge Colleen has given us a tricky prompt – clean and sharp. Clean isn’t exactly my favourite word and neither is sharp! I suppose both of them coupled together conjure up moments in our household where my hubby gets a bit cross with me for spending so much time blogging and writing and so little time cleaning the house! Lol… I’ve never been terribly domesticated… Well, he knew that before he married me so surely he can’t complain…

So perhaps a little humour is the way to go…

Tanka (1)



Ha ha! Better hide this blog post from my poor hubby… or I’ll be in trouble…

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16 thoughts on “Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge # 33 – CLEAN & SHARP

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      1. We had a bit of a falling out last night so I didn’t talk to him at all… nothing cleaning related! So I couldn’t impart your words of wisdom Sarah…

  1. LOL! You did fabulous, Marje. Shhh, don’t tell, but I haven’t mopped my kitchen floor in 6 months! Yikes. I don’t want to clean, either. I want to write! Well done my friend. <3

      1. I’ve dusted and kept the hoovering up. We have two stories. It’s like two houses! I do spot cleaning on the floor so it’s not as bad as it sounds… but yes, I don’t want to clean anymore. <3

      2. Know the feeling… I try to do what I can but I’d much rather be writing, going for walks, taking photographs, enjoying life! Life is too short for tedium… I sound like Karissa from my book!!!

  2. Nice approach to the challenge, Marje! I hate cleaning too, so many better things to do, like writing and reading. I also hate a dirty, unorganized house though, and there lies the predicament. Most of the time I can entice my hubby to do the major cleaning but other times I just have to put on those rubber gloves and get to it. Ha, ha. Great poem! 😀 xx

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