Marjorie Mallon – Curse of Time 1 The Bloodstone

Thank you so much to Adele for featuring my new book The Curse of Time #1 Bloodstone and my character Esme on her blog today.


Today I am sharing Marjorie Mallon’s new book – Curse of Time 1 The Bloodstone.



On Amelina Scott’s thirteenth birthday, her father disappears under mysterious circumstances. Saddened by this traumatic event, she pieces together details of a curse that has stricken the heart and soul of her family.

Amelina longs for someone to confide in. Her once carefree mother has become angry and despondent. One day a strange black cat and a young girl, named Esme appear. Immediately, Esme becomes the sister Amelina never had. The only catch is that Esme must remain a prisoner, living within the mirrors of Amelina’s house.

Dreams and a puzzling invitation convince Amelina the answer to her family’s troubles lies within the walls of the elusive Crystal Cottage. Undaunted by her mother’s warnings, Amelina searches for the cottage on an isolated Cambridgeshire pathway where she encounters a charismatic young man, named Ryder. At…

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3 thoughts on “Marjorie Mallon – Curse of Time 1 The Bloodstone

  1. The cover of your book is very neat and original. I’m so happy for you. Thanks for the feedback on Eaten an Eskimo. We’ve released a new short called PHONESTRUCK and we would love your feedback. How much has your book made in sales so far?


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