Ghostly Writes Anthology 2018

I’m thrilled to announce that I am one of the participating authors in Plaisted Publishing House’s Ghostly Writes Anthology 2018.

There is a #Giveaway – $20 Amazon Gift Card:


A compilation to haunt, intrigue and scare you – it releases on Halloween!

Here is the Youtube video with all the teasers from authors:

Look at these amazing titles…. Don’t they just make you want to find out more…
Monster At My Door by Karen J Mossman –
At Midnight by Chandra Trulove Fry
Not Only Clothes Hang in Your Closet by Donna Walo Clancy
Primrose Point Part 2 by Mara Reitsma
God’s Pebbles by Dan McAteer
The Gift by Jane Risdon
A Heart of Gold by Michael Lynes
Necropoli by Adam C. Mitchell
The Basement by Wendy Steele:
The Thinning Veil by K. M. McFarland:
Wingreen Possessions by C L Williams
Ghostly Goodbye by M J Mallon (Me!)

The Ghostly Goodbye by M J Mallon
The Ghostly Goodbye is a paranormal love story about a young woman called Iris who can’t get over her husband’s death. She is mourning him so much that she feels dead inside. Her husband Ed sends her a ghostly message from beyond the grave via an old forgotten garment in her wardrobe. She responds by dragging herself from her tomb-like bed and he draws back the curtain of death to visit her in a most unusual way.


Raemkai’s Stairs by Mary R. Woldering:

Iris by R. M Demeester
Soul Man by Claire Plaisted:


The Eyes of The Apple Tree by C A Keith:

Facebook books: @ca.keithwebstories

The Black Cat Bookstore by Pamela Silva
A Cat For Christmas by Eve Merrick-Williams
Detour by M. E Hembroff
Dead Man’s Divorcee Club by J G Clay
Funhouse of Horror by Cassandra Jones
Underneath The Mirrors Surface by Adele Marie Park:
Haunted North Street by Michelle Hughes

and a poem – Midnight Moon by Kyrena Lynch

THE ANTHOLOGY WILL BE FREE ON THE 31ST OCTOBER ON NOOK, KOBO, APPLE etc. The link below is the pre-order ebook.  The ebook will be priced at 99p/99c until Amazon agree to make it FREE as on other sites.

Amazon UK:


The anthology is also available on…

Hope you will enjoy!



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    Marjorie Mallon is one of the participating authors in this years Ghostly Writes Anthology and in this launch post she has listed all the authors and their stories.. so do please head over and check them out.. including Adele Marie Park, Claire Plaisted, Jane Risdon and Wendy Steele.. there is also news on which sites you can currently get the anthology FREE and hopefully it will also be free on Amazon shortly after its release date on 31st October.

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