Author Feature: Mary R.Woldering – Ghostly Writes Anthology 2018

A warm welcome to fellow Ghostly Writer – Mary R. Woldering who like me is one of the authors in this year’s Ghostly Writes Anthology which releases on Halloween!

Thank you to Mary for this interesting anecdote about Raemkai’s Stairs to whet your appetite…

I’ve often been asked how I came up with my characters. When I was a college student in Memphis, TN, I and several friends were amateur psychic researchers. One spirit we encountered was a wolf spirit known as Raemkai who had been mysteriously confined to a staircase in an old house and seemed somewhat demonic (but more of a trickster) in nature. There were two other spirits. I decided to tell their story – adding a bit here and there.

And by the way Raemkai became an important anti-hero in my Historical Fantasy series of Ancient Egypt and the gods Children of Stone because there was so much more to him that we originally thought.

Here is how the story starts:


Raemkai’s Stairs.
His head rose from his crossed paws and his dark snout sniffed at the air.
Is that smoke? Is the house on fire? Did the wiring in this old place finally spark out? the wolf rose and padded around on the upper landing. Then, looking down the stairs, he saw the wild-haired man slouched and warming his hands over a low, licking flame. A discordant yowl rose from his weaving and rocking form:
“Bebe Lie mie fiyah…cmon bebe lie mie fiyah…”
A drunk broke in from the cold to warm his hands. I was only going to tease him for provoking my rest, but now the bastard gets the full visual for the fire.
Materializing from the head down, the wolf spirit slowly altered his shape. He became a red furred hellhound with oversized glowing green eyes and saber teeth. With a howling growl, he extended his clawed hands, seized the man’s ragged shoulders, lifted him high overhead and flung him to the floor beside the pile of smoldering papers.
“My house!” he shrieked. “My stairs! Put out the damned fire and get out!” he zipped around and lunged at the scrambling man who whimpered and swatted the flames with his hands. As the sparks flew and died, the man kept screaming, kicked his empty liquor bottle, and ran.

Sounds terrific doesn’t it?

THE ANTHOLOGY WILL BE FREE ON THE 31ST OCTOBER ON NOOK, KOBO, APPLE etc. The link below is the pre-order ebook. The ebook will be priced at 99p/99c until Amazon agree to make it FREE as on other sites.

To find out more about the anthology follow this link:

And more from Mary R. Woldering…

4 book banner.

Have you started the Journey?

1)Voices in Crystal 2) Going Forth By Day 3)Opener of the Sky 4) Heart of the Lotus 5) Lake of Memory – coming 2019-20


The Mystery of Ancient Egypt RETOLD – in a combo of fantasy, real history, mythology and magic. Like GAME OF THRONES in Ancient Egypt – With ALIENS

Like ancient superheroes, those touched by the Children of Stone wander through the reality of ancient legends, RESHAPING myth and history.
Unforgettable people and their stories of mysticism, magic and never-ending love.

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Hope you have enjoyed discovering more about Mary and her story Raemkai’s Stairs.

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