Of The Curse Of Time Book Review

Thank you so much to Beaton for reviewing The Curse of Time. Thrilled to say it looks as if he really enjoyed it. Pop over to Goodreads too to see his 5 star review there too. Very happy author moment.:)

Becoming The Muse

Book Review

Bloodstone Book 1 Curse of Time M.J. Mallon

The Curse Of Time Book One – Bloodstone

The Curse Of Time is the first book in the Bloodstone series by M.J. Mallon.

The Curse Of Time is a YA fantasy set in Cambridge, UK.

One of the inspirations for this book is the Corpus Christi Chronopage clock in Kings Parade, Cambridge. The rather unsettling sculptural clock has no hands or numerals but shows time through blue Led lights

Courtesy John C Taylor

Stalking the top of the clock is the Chronophage beast, a metal sculpture resembling a grasshopper that moves its mouth as if eating time and blinking occasionally; reminding us of the inevitability of time and the irregularity of life…….

Corpus Christi Chronopage
Corpus –Courtesy John C Taylor

I havent seen this clock nor been anywhere near Cambridge but reading the book ignited an interest as the grasshopper makes an appearance in this magical read by M.J. lending…

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