Colleen’s 2019 Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 125#SynonymsOnly


Who better to write about than my lovely dad, Ronald?

He has always been my inspiration. I doubt I would ever have become a writer if it hadn’t been for him. Both of my parents  are much loved and have had an extraordinary life  with many stories to tell. My dad is quite the raconteur! He has been fortunate to have travelled to, and lived in, many exotic countries in his life: Hong Kong, Singapore,  Malaysia (where he met my mum,) Africa, Kiribati, Papua New Guinea, British Virgin Islands, Fiji, Anguilla, Abu Dhabi… etc.


So this is for my dad, who isn’t Russian but learnt Russian as a young man. I find it quite extraordinary that he still remembers how to speak and sing in Russian after all these years.  Like his grandfather, who lived a long life (and walked miles when he was ninety,) he has a zest for life which I admire enormously. And the ladies seem to love dad – apparently he received many birthday wishes from the female golfers in his club! Which mum took very good-naturedly… He is so like his grandfather, (who he loved.)

Apparently his grandfather was also a big hit with the ladies too!


Is great,

From his birth,

One of a kind,

He likes a challenge,

A dapper gentleman,

Whose impeccable taste shines,

I’d describe him to impress you,

Just like his grandfather before him,

He dazzles all those he meets with his charm.


From the beginning

He was so adventurous,

Now ninety he sings,

Russian songs to our waitress,

For the record – he’s handsome!



I hope you enjoyed my tanka and etheree. Do join in with Colleen’s poetry challenge.

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24 thoughts on “Colleen’s 2019 Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 125#SynonymsOnly

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      1. She’ll do teacher training in UK?
        My friends’ daughter went to Japan, learned the language, and stays there teaching English for many years. I don’t think she is coming back to US. She is my friends’ only daughter.

      2. Yes teacher training in the UK. It’s tough when they are so far away especially when you are very close like we are. I cried for a whole day when she left. The emotions were overpowering.

      3. I understand that emotional tie between mother and daughter. My daughter was taken away by my ex and I didn’t see her for 5 years. I cried to sleep every night. We were united when she was 18 and we are getting very close the last 15 years. She lives 1,000 miles away but I go see my granddaughter at leave every 2 months.

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