A Magic Wand Find! Plus Harry Potter Sorting Houses – Shock/Horror – I’m in #Slytherin

The moment I found out I’m a Slytherin…. I’m going to share this revelation on the Sisters of The Fey blog later today…

Check it out: https://sistersofthefey.com/2019/05/06/a-magic-wand-find-plus-harry-potter-sorting-houses-shock-horror-im-in-slytherin/

The Sisters of the Fey

I’ve been spending a lot of time recently in the Botanic Gardens in Cambridge as I work nearby and have a free pass. I discovered this fetching piece of twig whilst I was wandering about.

Some might say it is just a twig but I sense it might be more. Look at that eye in the top photo and the mouth in the bottom. It reminds me of a snake. So I welcomed the snake wand into my home.

I had no idea what would happen thereafter…

My family and I were sitting at the dining table talking about Harry Potter and we decided to find out what sorting house we belonged to.

A question for you – Have you been sorted? Which house do you belong to Sisters of The Fey?

We did the official quiz which according to my daughter is meant to be very accurate.

My eldest…

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  1. Your discovery of the snake-like stick and then the revelations about Slytherin intrigue me. I think this is an example of “synchronicity” (a term which Carl Jung wrote a lot about, and which I’ve also written about in my blog). And by the way I have had the chance to handle and stroke a snake (a python) and they actually feel smooth and dry and very pleasant, (not slimy as many seem to think!!

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  2. Hi Sheila, yes indeed synchronicity it is! I’ve never touched a snake. We did find one near my garage one day and seen them in the garden but that is the closest I’ve been to a live one apart from at zoos.


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