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Welcome to Mary Woldering, a fellow author in Plaisted Publishing House’s Ghostly Rites Anthology 2019 which will be releasing in time for Halloween. I am inviting fellow Ghostly Writers over for a chat on my blog.

I’m pleased to introduce you to Mary…

Interview questions:


  1. Why did you decide to write?
    I just did.  I’ve always written. My big Children of Stoneseries was part of hundreds of chronicles of dreams and reincarnation/past like regression experiments as well as guided lucid dreams into other realms. I novelized it, then went back years later seeking some verification. Oddly enough I found a few bits.
  2. What do your family and friends think of your writing life?
    They know it’s an all-consuming hobby and wish it made money. My son Thomas is active in it as my editor formatter and cover artist.
  3. Tell us a bit about your current writing projects
    I’m revising the second series book up to about the half way point because it’s fine after that. I’m also struggling to get a decent ending to the fifth and final book in the series.
  4. Do you have a muse? On occasion, a spirit guide drops by from time to time to give me a tidbit or two.
  5. What do you think of collaborations? Are you a member of any groups for authors that you would recommend?
    Black Rose and Robinators.
  6. Have you any unusual hobbies? Please tell us about them… Renovating things. I’m working on a house now. I’ve had dozens more but don’t have a calm enough lifestyle. My adventures into the psychic and spiritualism were the strangest.
  7. Do you have a favourite word, phrase or quote? Favorite? Not really. Maybe “Keep smiling, have faith: but let me state up front it’s not about religion, just belief in one’s ability to survive.
  8. Finish this sentence: For me writing is…what I do
  9. Where do you live and with whom if you don’t mind saying… For now Euclid Ohio but anticipating a move to Mentor, Oh in the spring (10 miles away)
  10. Do you believe in ghosts? Do you have a favourite supernatural being?
    From my previous answers I’d say that was obvious. I guess my favorite would be one who became a character in my series and in quite a few short stories. Prince Maatkare Raemkai. I met him shortly after the place where he was trapped for 50 years burned down. See Ghostly Writes2018 “Raemkai’s Stairs” He lurked and taught me and my friends interesting spiritual things and is one of the reasons we ravenously pursued the research back in the 1970’s. I still get contact now, but it’s decidedly less now that the stories are being published. There are quite a few others but he’s been the stand out and most frequent and true to form a comfort when death of someone is near.



Have you started the Journey?



1)Voices in Crystal 2) Going Forth By Day 3)Opener of the Sky 4) Heart of the Lotus 5) Lake of Memory – coming 2019-20




The Mystery of Ancient Egypt RETOLD – in a combo of fantasy, real history, mythology and magic. Like GAME OF THRONES in Ancient Egypt – With ALIENS


Like ancient superheroes, those touched by the Children of Stone wander through the reality of ancient legends, RESHAPING myth and history.

Unforgettable people and their stories of mysticism, magic and never-ending love.


Author Page:




Mary’s teaser for her short story in Ghostly Rites 2019 which is entitled The Changeling Princess….


It’s been lovely to invite Mary over, I will be interviewing Ghostly Rites fellow writer Wendy Steele next.

Bye for now,


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Unique Selling Point: Unique, Imaginative, ‘Charming, enchanting and richly layered this is purely delightful.’
“This delightful book will appeal to teens and young adults who love stories filled with magical crystals, dark family curses, and mysteries waiting to be solved around every corner. Each chapter leads you on a journey of discovery where Amelina earns the right to use three wizard stones to reset the balance of time and finally break the curse that holds her family hostage. A captivating tale!” – Colleen M. Chesebro (Editor)

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  1. A lovely interview with Mary, Marje! Haha …yes, don’t we all wish it could be more financially rewarding! 😀 Great how Mary’s son is involved with the formatting and cover designs – they are wonderful and striking!

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