Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction


It’s raining again and I think of you. The park bench with your name rests, waiting for another raindrop to thirst quench my sorrow.

By 11.30am it’s raining hard. I capture a single drop of heaven’s rain on my tongue. I taste it. It’s lonely, like this new day without you.

You loved the rain;your days were full of joy. I have an umbrella in my bag but no need for it. And neither do you.

It’s tranquil today,

November Rain, June Sunshine,

Seasons talk of Love,

Strolling side by side – Mists, gusts,

Welly boots squelching the earth.



The second half of this flash was a poem I wrote for Colleen’s Poetry Challenge.



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  1. Marje, a beautiful post and both the prose and poem are wonderfully evocative and tie perfectly together. The depth of loss explored yet one senses a life grounded in love.

      1. Sounds fabulous, Marje! 😀I’ve just read and reviewed Bette’s ‘My Maine’ and it is wonderful with the mixture of poetry and photos. Good luck with your latest release and have a great launch!

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