LOOK! “Mr. Sagittarius is Here!”

Its day one of my blog tour for Mr. Sagittarius poetry, prose and photography. Do pop over to Sam’s blog to celebrate with us. Charlie the cat has an awesome question… Purr, Miaow.

The first month’s royalties of the ebook will be donated to the Australian bush fires. 

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  1. Marje, congratulations on your latest book! 😀🎉The cover and title are terrific and I love the idea of a collection of short stories and poems together with photography.

    1. Thank you Annika. It’s quite extraordinary how this came about. I got bogged down with the second book in the Curse of Time seriesx and needed a break! So glad I did this it’s been such fun.

      1. What a great idea and I wish you best of luck with this book! 😀 Hope the break helped with your second in the series of Curse of Time. Xx

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