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What to do with your stockpiles of toilet paper via Jane Docherty. #coronavirus #toiletpaper #humour

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  1. Ha ha, Marjorie. i was ‘educated’ in my younger years – as an evacuee in World War 11 – regarding the various types of toilet paper available…. My father insisted on the shiny variety (fortunately no longer around) which, unless concentrating, slipped off one’s bottom…Then there was a more expensive choice, beyond our reach, And – one which brought out a sense of disgust I didn’t know I had – a neat pad of a section of The Merthyr Express,kept in place on a nail. After the first ‘ugh’ reaction, I soon became used to reading frustrating snippets of news about everything from the war ‘effort’ and progress or otherwise, who was marrying/murdering whom and any local burglaries (of which there were very few!). When it snowed in Wales, however, a quick trip to the outside loo involved having a shovel and a certain amount of digging…I never did try the recommended ‘outdoor’ variety if ‘caught short’ – the good old,reliable dock leaf. Oh, the good old days… Hugs x

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