Keep calm and…

What to do with your stockpiles of toilet paper via Jane Docherty. #coronavirus #toiletpaper #humour

Jane Dougherty Writes

In these times of incertitude and justifiable apprehension, we are all called upon to act sensibly and with solidarity. Some are doing just that, but there are others who are thinking about number one alone, and who will let nothing and no one prevent them facing the apocalypse with a clean bum.

There are many people now with several tons of toilet paper stocked in their garages and basements, under the sink, filling the attic. Many will be wondering how they can use it in the coming months and years or when their shopping habits go back to normal, whichever comes first. No need to worry about getting bored, though; toilet paper is extremely versatile. There are thousands of exciting recipes appearing on the Internet, as toilet paper replaces all the boring old staples like pasta, rice, and potatoes. Here are just a few of them.

Use the pure white…

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4 thoughts on “Keep calm and…”

  1. Ha ha, Marjorie. i was ‘educated’ in my younger years – as an evacuee in World War 11 – regarding the various types of toilet paper available…. My father insisted on the shiny variety (fortunately no longer around) which, unless concentrating, slipped off one’s bottom…Then there was a more expensive choice, beyond our reach, And – one which brought out a sense of disgust I didn’t know I had – a neat pad of a section of The Merthyr Express,kept in place on a nail. After the first ‘ugh’ reaction, I soon became used to reading frustrating snippets of news about everything from the war ‘effort’ and progress or otherwise, who was marrying/murdering whom and any local burglaries (of which there were very few!). When it snowed in Wales, however, a quick trip to the outside loo involved having a shovel and a certain amount of digging…I never did try the recommended ‘outdoor’ variety if ‘caught short’ – the good old,reliable dock leaf. Oh, the good old days… Hugs x

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